Adult video booth video sex

At first I was too busy getting into the slippery feel of my fist on my leaky cock to pay much attention, but after a few minutes it got through to me that the sound seemed to be coming from next door. As she passed, she looked at me and smiled. I looked around the booth to see why those moans were so clear. I could only guess what that number might lead to. I let my full balls hang over the bottom of the fly of my shorts. I figured it would, since I was already so damned horny.

Adult video booth video sex

That surprised and excited me, even though they were with their guys. I let out a husky groan. I watched a few get tokens at the counter before they went in. Anyway, a sign explained that the number on each carton was the channel on which that video appeared. I sauntered over to the arcade trying to look as casual as I could. God, but she felt like liquid fire in there, and I was mad to plunge myself into her all the way. She was sopping wet, and spread herself for me by squatting down a bit and pushing back even more. She glanced my way, then moved her bottom over to the opening I was gazing through and shook her cute little ass almost in my face. She was a real beauty, dark haired, short, big eyes, a cute nose, and a very nice mouth I should have known that, right? I looked around the booth to see why those moans were so clear. I checked where to drop the coins and where the seat was, latched the door, and fed a handful of tokens into the machine. Like anyone even cared. Encouraged, I moved my hand all over her round ass and up and down the crevice between those globes, then down lower between her cheeks to her pussy. As if she could read my emotions, she pressed her butt firmly back against the wall, my fingers still inside her. Only then did she let me go, making a kissy-slurpy sound as Clyde slipped from her still-sucking mouth. I started stroking him up and down as I stared at the action onscreen. Then I flicked through the channels until I found a video I liked better. I noticed that most people there were guys, but there were a couple of attractive women, too. That climax had felt like a fire hose squirting, and if anything was left she sucked the last drop from me. But the damned wall, although only a couple inches or so thick, limited how deep I could get Clyde into her. I could only guess what that number might lead to. I browsed around the books and videos for a while, the explicit pictures and words making me harder all the time. She was very good at it, because those soft, hot folds lining her sweet hot cunt massaged my meat better than any hand ever could. Being a devoted pot head, I preferred weed. She started contracting and releasing the muscles inside her pussy around me. She bent down further over the cock she was sucking, trying to raise her ass and cunt to a position where I could fuck her.

Adult video booth video sex

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  1. But the damned wall, although only a couple inches or so thick, limited how deep I could get Clyde into her. I was breathing hard, and felt like I could tear down that damned wall.

  2. Steve had told me that you could even watch a selection of hard-core videos in the privacy of your own booth.

  3. Like anyone even cared. I entered through a hallway where the movies were advertised with colorful empty video cartons displayed in a glass case built into the wall.

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