Asian parents teaching daughter sex

While many countries are seeking answers to this question that what kind of SHE do their adolescents need, we are still puzzled by whether adolescents should or should not get SHE. Study was conducted in two large province capitals in Iran, Mashhad and Ahvaz, as a religious and industrial city respectively. Authors acknowledge their sincere support and help. The most important finding of this study was that cultural resistance focuses more on the nature and content of SHE programs rather than SHE itself. A female clergy believed that SHE must be limited to the family environment because the mind of adolescents who have no sexual knowledge and experience became compromised by replying to the questions presented by adolescents who have already got sexual knowledge and experience, she noted: Conclusion Although there are important socio-cultural doubtful issues about SHE for adolescent girls in Iran, but it does not mean that SHE for adolescents would be impossible.

Asian parents teaching daughter sex

The University of Western Ontario; Graneheim UH, Lundman B. One of the limitations of this study was including only in-school adolescent girls in high-school grade; Conducting a study in which both genders participate, can increase comprehensiveness of the study, and probably lead to interesting results showing the diverse views of community about providing SHE for boys in comparison to girls. Also, conducting the study in two cities with different cultural and religious contexts allowed the researchers to compare the findings. Surprisingly, this study found some similarities among socio-cultural challenges regarding SHE in Iran and other cultures. Peer debriefing as a process to enhance the credibility of qualitative analysis was also carried out. From the perspective of Islam and Quran teachings, transcendence of human identity depends on harmonious development of different aspects of his entity including his sexuality; therefore, SHE is one of the basic necessities of human life But we must find some ways to keep them away from sexual experiences. There is something that may not be useful to know. This is the first study aimed to explore socio-cultural challenges to sexual health education for female adolescents in Iran using qualitative approach. Creswell Jw, Plano Cark Vl. Conflict of interests There is no conflict of interest in this article. Within schools, students were included from all four grades and different majors. These overlapped challenges are presented below in detail. Fall short and the teacher might say something. Attitude and opinion of parents about sex education of adolescents and its contents in kerman. The purpose of SHE is more than giving knowledge about the biology of sex; it includes encouraging skills, attitudes and specific behaviors and critical reactions. Our results revealed that the main socio-cultural challenges to sexual health education for adolescents in Iran are affected by taboos surrounding sexuality. Additionally, a FGD with adolescent members was conducted. This qualitative study addressed socio-cultural challenges to sexual health education for female adolescents in Iran. A review of parental involvement in sex education: A health care provider described this as so: Also, establishment of a proper language by a specialized team can be helpful. Observance of modesty, and gender segregation as strong social norms, primacy of the family and criticism of non-marital sex, all resulted in controversial perspectives about providing SHE to unmarried persons This is a message Japanese parents drill into their kids from the start: Totally eight high schools three governmental and one private school in each city in Mashhad and Ahvaz were included.

Asian parents teaching daughter sex

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  1. It means that researchers tried to obtain homogeneity within groups and heterogeneity between groups in terms of age, grade, major and socio-economic status.

  2. The expressions presented in this regard demonstrate critical perspectives of adolescents toward traditional beliefs: Therefore policy makers and health program planners should be convinced that observance of sexual norms is almost a part of SHE program; thus the public resistance against it will be reduced.

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