Aunty sex with nephew

Your cock is in my ass! My cock was glistering with cum and saliva. I never thought I could have a dick that big up my ass…. Now back in the ass! Deb released his cock and looked him straight in the eye "well nigger, your aunty is not a bad cock sucker is she? I know you like it…. She continued to press my head on her crotch. You cum right there in my ass now!

Aunty sex with nephew

What a delicious cock you have. Her ass was so nasty and inviting now that it was nicely stretched out. She would gyrate her bun, move back and forth and bounce her own big ass against my pelvis. His tongue forcing its way into her mouth, as they kissed Andy took the opportunity to feel her tits. What a thick cock! Her pussy was all stretched and sloppy dripping cum. Aunt Brandy turned her face full of cum to see me suck on my finger straight out of her ass. She had such awesome hard body, and her skin was just velvet. I have been a happly married man for the past twenty years. She would pull out for air, her mouth and my dick dripping with spit, make a nasty comment, and then back to slurping it down: Ok… you can stick your finger up my butt again. Aunt Brandy kept looking at the mirror enjoying the view of my huge cock going in and out of her ass. We were shocked to see that he was a big black man, we never thought to ask, but stood by his side was the young buck from earlier. Very nice start for a virgin. Andy laughed and said, "Well as soon as i have had a bit of you then you can go". You wanna touch it? I kept pumping my 2 fingers in her bun, and licking her clit until her orgasm subsided and she pulled away. Enjoy the ride Jimmy boy! You are fucking my butt good now baby! Now, put another finger in! Her pussy and asshole were now fully visible through the mirror. But you will have to do what I say OK? I was busy in the toilets wiping he come from the inside of my pants. Due to a good diet and work outs she had a firm fit body, she weight 8 stone, size 10, with a good size 34c tits. I want this bad boy super hard and sleek up my butt… Uuumm!

Aunty sex with nephew

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