Aztecs girls having sex

As the mother said to her daughter upon coming of age: Pretend not to understand the words. Confidently articulate, the young women defended their sacred duty and censured the audacious youths for their insolence. Thus, the multiple incarnations of the earth mother — Toci, Teteo innan, Cihuacoatl, Tlazolteol — were imperfectly divided into separate goddesses, in an attempt to resolve what missionaries saw as incompatible traits. Do not gossip; let what is said remain as said. With thee will the words end. Nor art thou to put hatred in thine eyes; thou art not to put hatred in thy face.

Aztecs girls having sex

But although the mother urges her daughter to avoid enmity, appear pleasant, and pass through the world in a dignified fashion, amiability was only suited to certain circumstances; passivity and indifference were not always appropriate. III As I have already hinted, individual women's cosmological and dynastic authority was established and reinforced by patterning them onto various female deities and mytho-historical figures, and such layering of narrative and meaning is vital in explaining the significance of female power. Influential, but often troublesome, these formidable figures embody the complex significance of female power, rooted in women's privileged access to the awesome earth forces through childbirth. Both the overlap and the disjuncture between Aztec and European attitudes to disruptive femininity are evident in the way that the goddess Cihuacoatl was transformed into the Wild Women and witches of European lore after the conquest. In a tangible sense, this ixiptlatl stood as a representative of all women, and was brought to the temple by those who most explicitly displayed female influence and sexuality. It is said, because of thee words will be denied, there will be defending, there will be excusing. Chalchiuhnenetzin, daughter of the Tenochca ruler. She misleads, she deludes one; she places one in danger, she leads one into difficult places. Most of the sophisticated pictographic writings were destroyed by early missionaries in an excess of zeal and so we are dependent largely on post-conquest documents, all of which are affected to a greater or lesser degree by their production under Spanish influence, when attitudes were suffused with patriarchal, Judaeo-Christian perspectives. Indeed we have gone; we have said that we shall not live. Although discord was frequently associated with femininity in Aztec thought, this does not seem to have resulted in any particular animosity towards women as individuals. V Women were thus both literally and symbolically important, but even when reading what appear to be simple genealogies we must remain constantly alert to the ways in which metaphorical structures have overlaid the form and detail of accounts. With thee will the words end. Woven throughout the migration histories which were so central to Aztec tradition is a strong thread concerning key female characters who we might identify as Women of Discord. She gripped her, and scratched, clawed, tore, and hacked her face…she pricked, beat, smashed, and struck it. And when something is said, if something evil is told there, that which meriteth imprisonment, that which meriteth death, and on thee — if thou dost withdraw with others, if thou actest foolishly with others, especially if thou lendest a word, if thou speakest among others — on thee it will be laid; [then] thou wilt expiate the words of others, thou wilt atone for others, and thou wilt be taken, thou wilt be seized. There are certainly parallels between mythical tradition and the events depicted in annals. The Women of Discord exemplify the ways in which female power can be seen as disruptive without necessarily debasing women or depriving them of individual agency. The female potential for trouble was no mere metaphor: Female figures are influential, and respected, but they are also frequently disruptive or threatening: But thereabouts thou art made a fool. Weighing more than eight tons, the colossal Coyolxauhqui Stone exemplifies the prominence of the Woman of Discord, not only in official narratives, but also everyday practice. Photograph by Stephanie Wood 30 May , and reproduced with her permission. The symbolic role of the Women of Discord resonates with the reality of royal women married to foreign elites: Warriors who had died in battle or as a sacrifice accompanied the Sun in its progress across the sky, which was fuelled by the streams of human blood offered daily in sacrificial ritual.

Aztecs girls having sex

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