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Most of the approximately 30 individuals that Human Rights Watch interviewed who were victims or witnesses of the protests alleged torture and other ill-treatment in detention. The interrogators were not from our area. They were hit in the face and were dead. When those students marched forward, you could hear bursts of gunfire. Hundreds of protesters reportedly suffered broken limbs from beatings. A year-old woman named Mona told Human Rights Watch that she was arrested the night of a protest in late December and taken to what she described as a military camp in the Borana zone.

Butal sex video

They took him away. In Waliso and Jeldu there were also credible reports of individuals being killed in unknown circumstances, although details of death are unknown, making it difficult to ascribe the deaths to the single gunshots. Some said they were told they would be released if they identified those mobilizing students. We were recovering from the teargas and trying to find out who had been shot during the protest. Wanna see young sluts, school girls or gorgeous sluts being abused by violent guys, have a seat and pick one video among those dozens. I was one of the students gathered by the military outside one of the blocks. Some of the military camps are well known and have histories of mistreatment, including Sanakle, near Ambo town; Ganale, near Dodola town in Mirab Arsi zone; Urso in Hararghe; Adele in Hararghe; and Taraloch, while others were previously unknown. There is little recourse for the losses in courts or other institutions. These torture techniques match established patterns of torture in Oromia. Security forces continued to treat the protests as a military operation and use unnecessary and excessive force. As soon as we saw them, they fired teargas. He [the university president] called all the students and asked them to stop demonstrations. Their dick serves them as a whip which they punish them. I went to the classroom. Arrests After Protests Security forces regularly conducted door-to-door raids and arrests in the evenings after protests. Several students said they were hung up by their wrists and whipped. We were all called into the courtyard and all our names were read out to see who was there. They were arrested as soon as the current round of protests began. Many officials in the woreda lost their jobs, and it was those that refused to carry out such duties that lost their jobs. Just when we realized teargas was thrown, then we heard bullets and everyone screaming, and people running around — students, police. Two cases documented by Human Rights Watch involved multiple soldiers. Many of those killed, injured, or arrested were students. The rest of us were then taken back to the police station. Arrests at protests were usually not targeted — security forces would arrest whomever they could and then take them to the nearest detention facility, witnesses said. She was held in solitary confinement in total darkness. They had planned to protest. Many students interviewed by Human Rights Watch said they were released after several weeks, although some were detained for several months.

Butal sex video

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