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Guy Gardner Aside from Hal Jordan , Guy Gardner is probably the best-known of the characters who have stepped into the role of Green Lantern over the years: What aspects of our personalities are influenced by our gender, and what remains the same when it changes? This article is over 4 years old New world Although Loki keeps his real identity a secret and manages to fool everyone into trusting him her? Although she started out as a direct succession story, using the original name and wearing a four-pronged tentacle suit just like the one the Doc wore, she later helped to resurrect her teacher and faded back into semi-obscurity for a while as he assumed his original role. Electro Although most of the gender swaps on this list are pretty innocent, the replacement of the villain Electro aka Max Dillon with Francine Frye is a whole lot more sinister. Thor When it was announced back in that Thor would be deemed unworthy of wielding Mjolnir the mythical hammer that grants him all the powers of the God of Thunder and would be replaced by a mysterious female character who would take up his super-powered duties in his stead, large portions of the comic book community erupted in outrage. The first part of the story has received a positive reception so far, however, with the second part due out shortly. Let us know in the comments below!

Change comic sex

In fact, apart from a few allusions to her mysterious past through memories and such, the audience is left as clueless about her origins as she is herself, which makes for a pretty fascinating read. Although Loki keeps his real identity a secret and manages to fool everyone into trusting him her? The storyline, writer Mike Johnson told Comics Alliance yesterday, is "attention-grabbing and slightly weird, in the tradition of the more daring original episodes". Deadpool Ever wanted to see Deadpool with a ponytail? After Ragnarok the equivalent of the apocalypse in this Norse-inspired mythology leaves his sky-city in ruins, the all-powerful Thor is left the incomparable challenge of rounding up his fellow gods — who are currently residing in the subconscious minds of worthy humans — and restoring them to their former bodies. Still, it was pretty cool seeing Deadpool get a gender makeover while it lasted! Although the female Photon is just as cold and obtuse as ever, this change has opened up new possibilities for storylines as well as some pretty raunchy cosplay! Photon Since debuting with Image Comics in , Youngblood has divided its readers, with some calling it out for its poor writing and inconsistent art and others celebrating the strangeness and diversity of its characters. People get MAD about genderbends. Well, yes, she probably does. Check out the list below to see if your favourite made the grade: Perhaps there are, but by taking the most famous ship of all and flipping the genders, readers are reminded that there is no real reason any of these characters need be male or female," she said. A few of these entries contain spoilers to recent comic book storylines. Multiple characters have worn the respective titles of Hawk and Dove at one time or another, and the legacy has been wrought with tragedies including deaths, resurrections, and the odd descent into madness and villainy , but arguably the best combination of characters to make up the duo thus far has been Hank Hall as Hawk and Dawn Granger as Dove. These are interesting ideas to explore, and give the story a larger thematic purpose as befits the great Trek tradition. I just like the idea of Bones being a large, mean-looking woman! I'm actually a bit afraid for when the books are released and people read them. However, due to the fact Electro was losing control of his powers, he accidentally fried her when she tried to kiss him… something which has tortured the character ever since. Although she later joined the Deadpool Corps. Instead of powering Dillon up, she takes his powers for herself and kills him in the exact same way he once killed her. Not bad for a one-time evil apprentice! And of course, Chekov would be cute as a button," she said. Electro Although most of the gender swaps on this list are pretty innocent, the replacement of the villain Electro aka Max Dillon with Francine Frye is a whole lot more sinister. Matter-Eater Lass uses her new-found powers to try and infiltrate a gang of female pirates, resulting in all the usual predictable shenanigans. According to Rule 63, there will be a female version of every male character that exists and vice versa knocking around somewhere in the darkest corners of the Internet, whether as part of official canon or depicted in a piece fan art or fiction. Marvel , and Janet van Dyne aka the Wasp as part of an alternative timeline, meaning Captain Marvel is probably one of the most heavily gender-swapped characters of all time.

Change comic sex

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  1. Josie and the Pussycats become Joey and the Junkyard Dogs, but still know how to rock out, Reggie becomes Regina, the hottest and meanest girl in school… you get the idea.

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