Charmed sisters sex

My face was pressed flat into a hard, wooden floor, and I was curled up in a ball, naked and cold. Her silky red hair cascaded around my face. But I might, it's been a while. Pressing the head against Phoebe's rosebud, I eased my hips forward slightly. Phoebe moaned, and as I glanced down I saw Paige watching, fascinated. I wasn't sure if we were moaning aloud or moaning in our own heads. Phoebe rubbed her sister's clit faster and faster. Phoebe, Paige, and a little bit of Piper, interacting with a new friend.

Charmed sisters sex

Distracted, I couldn't even focus enough to continue thrusting into her, and I paused, two fingers buried in her pussy. I withdrew my tongue from Paige's wet box and flopped my head back down onto the bed. Phoebe The note continued in Paige's playful handwriting, her 'i's dotted with little hearts: Even in the middle of her own climax, Paige continued to firmly work my shaft, pumping six, seven, eight blasts of cum directly onto her waiting tongue. It appeared that I was on a replica of the attic set from "Charmed. Her fingers wandered lower to caress the base of my cock and my tightening balls, which looked a lot bigger too. She was spellbinding - a vision of perfection come to life. Standing up, she reached behind her neck and undid some hidden clasp on the Roman gown. I watched, fascinated, as she moved her lips towards my cock, her mouth planting teasing kisses across the head and down the sides of my dick. Paige shuddered and moaned around my cock, which was now grasped between her lips. I could tell Piper wanted to join us, but couldn't quite bring herself to do it. Phoebe pressed her face harder against mine, and I felt a jolt. Phoebe swung one leg over my body and straddled me. In the end, laughter won out. They were perfect, high and proud, topped with hard pink nipples. She'd pulled off the phony blonde wig and her natural brown hair fell in waves around her face. I watched, fascinated, as Paige busily ate my cum out of Phoebe's pussy. My vision swirled before my eyes and I felt my balls expanding. Paige shuddered on top of me, and I thrust my finger in further - all the way to the second knuckle. Thrusting my hips off the bed, I slammed my cock deep into her pussy and held it there, flexing it. You are absolutely beautiful," I said. She kept up her work on my cock, and I felt yet another mind-blowing climax building from my toes. Paige's fingers were thrusting in and out of Phoebe's pussy, moving up and down my shaft, separated only by a thin wall of tissue. They overflowed my hands. I felt her pussy throb around my cock. Her long red hair was messy and beautiful, ringlets falling over her forehead.

Charmed sisters sex

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  1. At least until Paige shrieked, "Oh my god — Piper? I had lusted after Alyssa since her tomboy days on "Who's the Boss?

  2. Beyond the mysterious shimmering in the air stood the three actresses who played the Charmed Ones! Stepping over to the bed, she smacked my ass cheeks with the palm of her hand.

  3. By this point, I had my pants down and was firmly pumping my erect cock, imagining the scene that I was writing.

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