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You probably know only too well that each child can cost thousands a year to care for. And of course, despite your best planning, your next baby may come at a different time than you expect! Fertility rates do drop dramatically once you reach 35, but many women still successfully conceive in their early 40s. Factors that may contribute to or cause depression during pregnancy include: Though you know you should feel happy, inside you may be feeling far from ecstatic. It's true that the first year after your baby's born can be a particularly vulnerable time for your mental health NHS Changes to your relationships. Our feel-good pregnancy calendar has plenty of ideas for how to treat yourself in your first , second and third trimesters. Depression can make it hard for you to prioritise your own needs.

Clip pregnant sex video

While this may be tough one to settle, the first step is to talk about your differences. In an ideal world you and your partner will both be ready for another child at the same time. It's therefore essential for the safety of you and your baby that you speak to someone. Whatever you and your partner decide, make sure you get your energy back, eat healthily and prepare yourself mentally and physically for having another baby Department of Health BabyCentre's online antenatal classes can be a great support network. If your depression is mild, your GP may give you leaflets, books, or access to online courses, which will take you through the basics of CBT step by step. But if you think you're the only one to have these feelings, be reassured that you're not. Remind yourself that depression is an illness, not a choice. Try to take time to sit down together and discuss your points of view. Though you know you should feel happy, inside you may be feeling far from ecstatic. They will probably be old enough to understand and even talk about the effect another child might have Gordon, Does my age affect when I should get pregnant again? The charity Mind offers information, help and advice about mental health. Depression and anxiety can sometimes go hand-in-hand during pregnancy NICE You may like to talk to others in this situation too. If you think you'll want to return to work, find out how much the extra childcare will cost. Re-evaluation of link between interpregnancy interval and adverse birth outcomes: Take time to relax Stress is a common trigger for depression, so be sure to give yourself a break every now and then. I won't have another baby Our blogger wonders if she'll regret it. Stopping suddenly could have risks for you and your baby. A gap of less than 17 months carries an increased risk of your baby being premature and underweight Ball et al , Lyell et al , Conde-Agudelo et al You can also get support and advice from fellow mums-to-be in our supportive community. Medication antidepressants If self-help and talking therapies don't work for you, or your depression is particularly severe, your GP may recommend that you try an antidepressant. There isn't enough evidence to determine whether antidepressants are completely safe to take in pregnancy NICE Changes to your relationships. If you often feel worried or anxious, learn more about anxiety in pregnancy. There are two main types of treatment available:

Clip pregnant sex video

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