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That said, the following are offered as guidelines for hearing boards when addressing complaints of sexual misconduct: The following are offered to further understanding of the definition of consent: The College will not wait for the conclusion of any criminal investigation or proceeding to commence its own investigation, take appropriate Interim Measures to protect the Complainant and the Bowdoin community, if necessary, as described in Section II D , below, and to complete whichever resolution process has been selected. Consent given prior to or during an encounter does not preclude consent being withdrawn later in that same encounter. Board Chair The Board Chair will preside over the Alternative Resolution and may elect to be assisted by another member of the Board or staff of the College. The Investigator is an external, neutral fact-finder, who, during the course of the investigation, will interview the Complainant, the Respondent, and any relevant third-party Witnesses including Expert Witnesses, where applicable. Such related misconduct may include, without limitation: The decision of the Dean of Student Affairs is final and cannot be appealed. Because alcohol or other drug use can place the capacity to consent in question, sober sex is less likely to raise such questions.

College sex title object object

All decisions by the Panel will be made by majority vote. Confidentiality , notification, education, and training Language COA recognizes that there is much discussion about appropriate terminology- victim or survivor. Students who report Sexual Misconduct or Gender-Based Violence or provide testimony as to an incident of Sexual Misconduct or Gender-Based Violence, will generally not be held responsible for unrelated actions that might constitute a violation of the Social Code. The Complaint will set forth the name of the Respondent, and the date, location, and nature of the alleged Sexual Misconduct or Gender-Based Violence. This report is available online and will be distributed to the COA community. Information about available resources and support will be shared with the complainant through the employee with whom the complainant shared the initial report. The Panel will also consider, as part of its deliberations, whether the sanction will: If either the Complainant or the Respondent objects to such proposed sanction, a Panel will be convened to determine the appropriate sanction. Election of Formal Resolution Except in cases where the Investigator has determined that there is no violation of the Policy, or the Dean of Students on appeal has reached a similar conclusion, the College or the Complainant may, at any time prior to the conclusion of the Alternative Resolution, elect to end such proceedings and initiate Formal Resolution instead. The Investigator will also review any relevant documents or electronic evidence and, where applicable, coordinate with law enforcement agencies to collect and preserve relevant evidence. The Dean of Student Affairs will determine if challenges to the Board Chair have merit and will make the final decision whether or not to remove and replace the Board Chair. The Title IX Coordinator will inform the Complainant if the College must move forward with an investigation or take disciplinary action against the Respondent because the safety of a student or students is in question, and therefore cannot ensure confidentiality. Details of these procedures and the associated limitations on their use are outlined below. Intentional contact with the breasts, buttock, groin, or genitals. The Complainant shall be copied on the transmittal of the Complaint to the Respondent. The Panel is not bound by these statements in determining a sanction. In other words, conduct may constitute Sexual Misconduct or Gender-Based Violence under this Policy even if law enforcement agencies decline to prosecute. Sexual exploitation includes, but is not limited to: If additional information or clarification is requested, the Board Chair, before issuing a decision, will afford the parties an opportunity to comment on any such additional information or clarification. Sexual misconduct is significantly under reported nationwide and can contribute to a false sense of security. The use of physical force including partner domestic or dating violence, constitutes a stand-alone non-sexual offense as well, as it is our expectation that those who use physical force restraint, battery, etc. This means, for example, that a student reporting an act of Sexual Misconduct who was at the time engaged in conduct that violates the Social Code will not be held responsible as long as their actions did not put another student or the community at risk. They may suggest questions to the Investigator to be asked of other parties or Witnesses. However it is relevant to include here that COA never assumes a community member is in violation of COA policy without due process. The Title IX Coordinator shall determine whether an investigation is warranted. Copies can also be requested from the Director of Public Safety. That said, the following are offered as guidelines for hearing boards when addressing complaints of sexual misconduct:

College sex title object object

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  1. Consequences of Violating the Sexual Misconduct Policy The misconduct hearing process is detailed in a separate policy. Retaliation should be reported promptly to the Title IX Coordinator and may result in disciplinary action independent of any sanction or interim measures imposed in response to the underlying allegations of Sexual Misconduct or Gender-Based Violence.

  2. The Respondent will then be given the opportunity to respond at a separate meeting with the Board Chair. Retaliation should be reported promptly to the Title IX Coordinator and may result in disciplinary action independent of any sanction or interim measures imposed in response to the underlying allegations of Sexual Misconduct or Gender-Based Violence.

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