Comprehensive sex education and government

Instrument development and data collection The interview guide and questionnaires used in this study were developed by an international team of researchers; they drew from multiple instruments that have been used to assess aspects of sexuality education both in and out of school. Study design This cross-sectional assessment evaluates the implementation of sexuality education in three counties in Kenya. We did not choose a higher cutoff because we wanted to ensure that a school was counted as offering a topic even if only a few students reported it, since only one of the grades surveyed may have covered it, or not all students may have taken that particular class. Lindberg L, Maddow-Zimet I. Following this initial contact, letters were mailed to schools announcing the date that the research team would visit to conduct the surveys. Meeting the sexual and reproductive health needs of adolescents in school-based health centers. These elements focus on gender, rights and empowerment, risk-reduction skills, interpersonal relationships and positive views on healthy sexuality. Then it would be much easier to approach each county according to the situation of the people there and convince them. Although the Kenyan government does not claim to be providing comprehensive sexuality education in schools, we assessed the range of topics according to international standards, in order to provide a baseline measure for developing policies or curricula in the future.

Comprehensive sex education and government

Selection of principals and teachers. Explaining recent declines in adolescent pregnancy in the United States: Moreover, the study highlights several additional new concerns. These teachers were identified through consultation with the school principal, and up to three teachers per school were selected on the basis of availability on the day of the survey and an aim to cover the range of subjects in which sexuality education topics are taught. For example, our measure assessed whether a school teaches about contraception, but did not capture the accuracy of information, the value judgments conveyed or the time spent teaching about contraception. Their impact on sexual behaviors of young people throughout the world. The sampling frame was an updated school list from the Kenya Ministry of Education. Two systematic reviews for the guide to community preventive services. Adolescence is a transitional time during which many questions about the body, sexuality, relationships and a range of other topics related to SRH will be raised. For details on response rates, see Table 2. Another notable challenge identified by key informants is the centralization of education in Kenya. Conceptualization, clarification and challenges. Meeting the sexual and reproductive health needs of adolescents in school-based health centers. At the state and local program level, models of sex education that are grounded in a broader interdisciplinary body of evidence are warranted [ 4 , 11 — 14 , 27 — 29 ]. Survey of secondary school principals and teachers. A process evaluation of the FaceSpace Project. Abstinence and abstinence-only education: Authorization letters to enter schools were obtained from county education officials and school authorities in the respective study areas. The latter point is relevant to curriculum implementation because more emphasis is given to examinable subjects 49 i. While many had likely received some school-based sexuality education prior to initiating sexual activity, the information provided in primary school is limited to very basic knowledge of biology and physical changes in the body, and would not have exposed students to information on safe sex. All principals from selected schools were eligible. Following this initial contact, letters were mailed to schools announcing the date that the research team would visit to conduct the surveys. To minimize potential bias, all eligible students in Forms 2 and 3 at each school were gathered in a room and a ballot box was used to randomly select the desired sample of students. Am J Prev Med. While a major aim of the overall study is to compare all four countries, this report presents findings only for Kenya. These declines continue previous trends from — to —, which included increases in receipt of abstinence information and decreases in receipt of birth control information [ 17 — 19 ]. Data from official documents, key informant interviews and school-based surveys were used to examine how sexuality education programs in three counties were developed, implemented and experienced.

Comprehensive sex education and government

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  1. You might not want to use the same methodology to talk about HIV, or even the same emphasis when you are doing it in Kisumu—[or] areas with high HIV prevalence—compared to some other areas which are considered to have low prevalence rates.

  2. Introduction Timely provision of accurate and comprehensive information and life skills training regarding sexual and reproductive health and rights SRHR is essential for adolescents to achieve sexual health and rights and avoid negative health outcomes.

  3. Key informants identified several challenges to the effective implementation of sexuality education, including lack of well-trained teachers, poorly resourced schools, absence of a clear framework for translating policy into practice, and weak regulation and supervision of the implementation of current policies. In the meantime, as mentioned by a respondent from the United Nations, other stakeholders, such as civil society organizations, have stepped in to complement the Ministry of Education efforts by providing extracurricular activities for students in an effort to create awareness about sexuality issues that may not be covered in the current curriculum.

  4. Challenges to program development and implementation A number of barriers to effective implementation of sexuality education in schools were identified by key informants:

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