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Faith is a response to revelation. Yet Job knew certain things that amaze us that he knew. How often do we go to meet Him there? But Job was not ashamed to declare what he knew, what he believed, to others. The first 2 verses we read from Job 19 just now tells us so! The last 3 of the verses we read from Job 19 tell us some surprising things that Job knew, that Job believed.

Deutsch singles heidi sex

What did Job know about this Redeemer, whom He knew he would one day see? Job says that His Redeemer lives. The Hebrew word for Redeemer here in Job Job was a sinner, but Job was redeemed! How then did he know to turn to the one Redeemer who could save him? The Bible says that Jesus Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law Gal. Are we walking in newness of life, walking with our risen Lord? Instead of pairing rhyming words, Hebrew poetry pairs matching ideas. Satan was not happy about that. Either a celestial being, or God Himself! Yes, there are key differences — as I mentioned just now, Job did not have the scriptures; and as we considered last night, there are differences between Old Testament saints and New Testament saints as to how we come to salvation — although ultimately their salvation and ours alike hinge on the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. I too have one — the Lord Jesus Christ. Is there something else that we have missed in these 3 verses? But Job feared God. Surely God had revealed this to Job. I wonder if, when Christ opened the scriptures to the disciples on the road to Emmaus, beginning at Moses and all the prophets expounding the things about Himself, He pointed them to the faith of His servant Job. Yet Job knew certain things that amaze us that he knew. So, wondrously, Job knew that he had a Redeemer; a living Redeemer; not an impersonal and distant one, but his Redeemer, a kinsman; who would stand one day on earth; who is God; and whom he would meet face-to-face one day, seeing Him with his own eyes. Was Job a believer in resurrection, as Abraham was according to Hebrews We all need a personal Saviour. They did it as a public testimony of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ! Faith is a response to revelation. Oh that they were inscribed in a book! The last 3 of the verses we read from Job 19 tell us some surprising things that Job knew, that Job believed. Notice the flow from verse 25 to verse God had clearly revealed wonderful things to Job. That He was not a stranger.

Deutsch singles heidi sex

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