Extreme bestiality sex

She crooned to the big horse, her body trembling with an excitement foreign to her up to this moment. In a moment the confused blonde felt her pussy starting to swell. Christina was only a short distance away, working on her books. He was saying something to her, calling her some kind of slut and whore. She looked at him, watching his forehead wrinkle and the skin around his dark eyes tightening. As she trembled, he smiled. Already the tensions of the afternoon were leaving her. Barbara whimpered through her flared nostrils, beating her fists against the mattress while snapping her head from side to side.

Extreme bestiality sex

And then he began licking, dragging his tongue sloppily along her ass, then moving down to the soft spots behind her knees. Oh, she could feel that cold snout brushing up against the backs of her legs, hear him sniffing at her pussy as she tried wildly to get away from him! Oh, it was going in, going in, rubbing against the quivering, pulsing folds of her cunt! Brad muttered something under his breath and drew away. What was she feeling? For better or worse she was going to let the animal have his way. Dizzy with fright, Barbara once more begged him not to hurt her. The families were too shocked to dig up any evidence, and Brad was far too careful in covering his tracks. It was that tenderness, that gentle, wet brush of his maw that made her close her eyes tight again and squeeze her fingernails hard against her damp palms. Yes, she wanted that tongue all over her, in her! It was the same lush, swampy feeling she had experienced years ago when Joe had first touched her with his fingers, rubbing them over her cuntal mound while undressing her. Barbara stood along the stallion's side now, pressing her body against his. Barbara closed her eyes, her hips grinding crazily. She was milking his cockrod again, letting her muscles gum along the length of his prick. She felt his lips pressing her mouth in a moment, felt his tongue searching for hers between her lips. Swirls of thoughts whirled around her. Sputtering sparks showered from her clit into her cunt as her mind raced wildly. Barbara gasped, feeling her chest tighten, her mouth growing even drier. It was something that had been a long time coming. The dog was on top of her in a moment, barking, then panting against her throat while his tail wagged merrily back and forth in triumph. No, no, she couldn't fight him, couldn't fight the hot tingling between her legs! Barbara drew her hand back a second, then stretched it forward tentatively. The sides were roped with pulsing blue veins while the spongy head was growing purple. After a moment or two she could see how to rock her body forward so his cock would pull from her cuntal tube. The headboard clattered aloud against the wall as Barbara rounded the final curve for her climax. Even Joey wasn't this hung!

Extreme bestiality sex

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