Female riding top sex stories

The orgasmic pleasure lasted for more than a minute. As I finally arrived at my destination, I can still feel my wet pussy and drenched panty. Mom pulled my shorts down ever further, just past my balls. I heard a groan and the cock behind me started to get limp. My nipples are now pressed hard on my tight top.

Female riding top sex stories

Then I watched the horse jump up on the fake wooden horse, his monster cock was now stiff, and rock hard. The pleasure of the finger inside my pussy is becoming unbearable. The orgasmic pleasure lasted for more than a minute. As I sat down on the empty seat, I reached behind me and felt a glob of goo. I wrapped my arms around her waist to keep her from moving over the bumpy rural roads, but with every bounce I felt her thick hips fall down my lap, then slide back up as she returned to her position. I can see in the window reflection how erect my nipples have become. As the train swayed and move, I started to move my ass to feel his cock. I slowly moved my hips left to right, up and down, all of this in a slow manner as if my movement was caused by the train. As I saw the beach approaching out the window, I shoved mom deep against my cock, bottoming out inside. It was more crowded than usual; apparently, a big group of tourists had just arrived. I moved my mouth close to my arm as I let out small scream of pleasure. The confusion and arousal makes my heart run even faster. I never felt this much pleasure before as I exploded and cum multiple times. My cock grew with each gyration. I sank further into the seat, unsure what she had planned. I noticed that someone with a hard on is pressing on my ass. It smelled like cum and licked my fingers clean. The motion quickly gave me a hard-on. No, we should try to head out now. My nipples are now pressed hard on my tight top. People moved out and the man behind me just disappeared from the moving crowd. A small breeze will lift it up to show my white thong that is clinging to a shaven pussy. Mom and I were both starting to sweat, and her hot, misty thighs began tugging at my shorts as they moved with each bump. I looked up and moved my breast forward. The other dyke left and came back with a rag. Do you need me to get up?

Female riding top sex stories

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The Uber Ride Erotic Story - An Erotic Story

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  1. Everyone was anxious to leave the hot weather outside to go into the cooler cabins of the train. That time we both froze, as she undoubtedly felt my half-naked dick planted firmly between her ass cheeks.

  2. We sat still for a few more moments, bumpy road temporarily behind us. She leaned deeper against my chest, until her face lay next to my ear, and wrapped her arm around my head.

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