Free stories of priest sex

When only the head was still inside her, jerking in pleasure, he would clench his muscles and thrust back into her with a powerful force that pinned her to the bed like a butterfly. It hurt more than she could have imagined. To be honest I couldn't wait till next confession. She would never forget this day, the day when she gave her innocence to the Lord. It all started when my mate and I found some porn mags hidden in some hedges. The other Priests would enjoy her tight backside, Charlotte sure to find herself with many swords sodomizing her asshole. He stopped short of her pussy, teasing along the crease of her legs.

Free stories of priest sex

Never saw him again but found out that he left the priesthood and had met a woman and was gonna get married. There was this practice of serving breakfast to the priests after the morning communion. She was instructed to strip and get inside. Then she felt it, the thick head pushed against her hymen, feeling the thin membrane stretch as he continued to press forward. I got both sad and scared although I did it in self-defence - he was a priest. Finally, my search led to a room from which I heard hushed voices. He began to fuck her harder, his balls ready to dump his cum inside her. At the same time his sword continued to plunder her once virgin passage, eliciting such exquisite pleasures from her untrained body. Sally was quiet during lunch. Sister Betty was the only consolation. She grunted painfully when he fucked in, groaning as he pulled out, taking his powerful strokes. Since then, I was marked; a thorn in the flesh for the congregation. She could hear his gasps of pleasure and then felt a jet of hot cum shoot deep into her bowels, filling her as nothing had ever done before, Charlotte imaging his sword shooting its seed deep inside her ass. That day came 4 days later, same priest. Bishop Samuel was stroking her asshole with his cock, enjoying the way her muscles rippled along the shaft as he took her. Sally was not as enthusiastic, serving Father John begrudgingly with her body. The finger moved over her hole almost as if it was caressing it, running around the hole until it settled on the center of it, her muscles fighting as it began to press harder. Where are Father John and the girls? He got me to bend over, leaning on the sink I felt his hands with the cloth was my ass, between my legs and around my balls. She went from full to empty with his powerful strokes. I relieved myself and ran, but he chased me around the table. Being a good catholic boy ;- I regularly attended mass and went to confession once a month. His finger hurt badly enough, twisting and turning inside her, her stomach cramping from the unnatural probing of her insides. In a biographical sketch titled Nanma Niranjavare Swasthi, to be released next week, she heaps more ignominy on the Church. The priest who was hit by me is a good friend now and calls me often to enquire about my well being. It tasted better than I thought a mans cock would and I was really into it when he stopped, pulled his robe up, made me stand up again and he got down infront of me.

Free stories of priest sex

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