Free tgp sex site

With FHGs you can simply link to the FHG and know that the content is just an extension of exactly the same porn that your surfer was enjoying at your site. Small thumbnails gives the porn surfer the ability to quickly see what pictures he wants to click on to make them full size. I use WordPress and you might want to check out our free porn themes for it. Other good domains that you can use is. As you could read, the reason I am using accounts now is because it gives me more control over the cheaters, who are ruining it for all of us. You decide the spot and the date your gallery should be listed.

Free tgp sex site

The url you submit has to be static and can't be altered after you've submitted. If you do a chargeback, I'll blacklist you as hard as I can. If you cheat, I'll blacklist everything I can find of you, and deactivate your account. Downloadable zip photo sets works also but then you need to make sure that you get the link for the specific content on the premium porn site or at least the same site. I then copy the affiliate link to that gallery and post that the gallery. No linked big images like Amateur Pages or fake movie players No dynamic gallery. And last, but not least, NO trojans, redirects or anything. We offer 3 submission partner levels on our sites Worldsex. Examples Check out one of my TGP sites: It's free I am dutch, that means a lot to us ;- Applications will be reviewed by the order they come in. You can submit every other day to Worldsex. Free accounts only work on to the site you applied to. Also, because of those many applications, I expect a big backlog again for the submissions. As you can read, I don't promise any guaranteed listings. This means that your manually created site ultimately will be able to get more visitors and generate more revenue for you over the long run. From now on I'll only accept submissions from partners. With a free account, you can submit once every 4 days. You can ofcourse email me how you can improve your gallery so you've more chances getting listed. When creating it manually you increase the unique content you can add to every post. Everybody can get a free account. You have to use a different email address for each account as well. You decide the spot and the date your gallery should be listed. You can't submit the same gallery to worldsex. TGPs are still popular tho and a good way of marketing porn. From this link the visitor will be taken to preferably the full gallery with more images of the same porn scene or at least the site where the full porn video or gallery can be found. Please contact Cybercat Inc for prices and details. You will get a bigger penis.

Free tgp sex site

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  1. If you do, I blacklist them all If your application gets declined, you can apply again. We offer 3 submission partner levels on our sites Worldsex.

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