Guests of the opposite sex

The ban is currently in place in all but one of the ten courts of Essel Tower Palace Court has a separate RWA and has not enforced this new rule. Raj Gopal , 27, who works as a business analyst and has been living in Essel Tower's Ivory Court for three months, tells us, "A few years ago, a rule was enforced that guests of the opposite sex will not be allowed to stay beyond 10pm in the houses of single tenants. It was quite infuriating and embarrassing. TNN Apr 13, , As much as I hate to say it, we are adults. We should be able to decide who we hang out with and until what time we want to hang out with them. This is mentioned even in our rent agreements, and nobody had an issue with it.

Guests of the opposite sex

Tenants However single residents living in the 10 courts of Essel Tower deny the allegation. They do not provide any exception, even if we can prove that the guest is related to us. Even if it does have substance, there are other ways of reaching a solution. A sibling should be allowed to spend a night with his sister who is away at college. We will suggest ways in which they can monitor guests without a blanket ban. We are okay with a time restriction like the one that existed earlier. In fact, we have started a petition to change the rule and are taking signatures of all the residents. This is something that would be easily fixed by getting rid of the policy. This is great because no one follows it anyway. But most residents have supported us. Essel Tower is one of the oldest residential societies on MG Road. However, it makes sense that the RHA included this because there are some people who would be stupid enough to try going into a restroom not intended for them. Holly Kell is a freshman journalism and broadcasting major. As much as I hate to say it, we are adults. But the thing is, our parents can no longer watch our every step. I first learned about the policy when my RA told us overnight guests had to be of the same sex at the beginning of the year. This is bizarre and a violation of our rights and privacy. They could be from the floor above or just hanging out with friends until 3 a. On Sunday, however, the society became the centre of attention when the RWA imposed a blanket ban on single residents to entertain any guests of the opposite sex. If required, the tenants presently residing in the society may be asked to leave," Rajeev Sinha , Essel Tower RWA president, has been quoted as saying. Yet, I see overnight bags going into other rooms in my residence hall all the time. Even senior citizens living in the area were being troubled, so we had to take this decision. The ban is currently in place in all but one of the ten courts of Essel Tower Palace Court has a separate RWA and has not enforced this new rule. Unse bolein change karne ko. Raj Gopal says, "If the RWA does not budge from their stand, we will have no option but to take legal recourse.

Guests of the opposite sex

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