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A second sexual assault by penetration charge involving the girl, one count of cheating and three other extortion charges were taken into consideration. And how does sexual intimacy come into the picture? But he was not done. But hotels in Singapore are expensive, and this is the only one you can afford for now. Some time between July and August that year, she agreed to meet.

Hdb staircase sex

This process takes up to five years. Yesterday, Shazwan, now 23, was sentenced to jail for 18 years and 15 strokes of the cane after pleading guilty to one count each of rape, sexual assault by penetration, outrage of modesty and extortion. Just the thought of it hurt. Do you have a story to share? The victim came to know Syahid in July through Alamak Chat, an online application. And how does sexual intimacy come into the picture? Unlike the sex-on-third-date culture prevalent in western cultures, most of us here will at least wait till we ascertain that our partner is someone we really trust and want to be together with for the long haul. Shazwan left the scene once he was done, but told the couple to stay put. The court heard that Syahid, who plans to marry his girlfriend, is learning to be a forklift driver and will be attending a course next week. And by subsidising BTO flats for young married couples and giving priority to those with children on the way, our government seems to be thinking: Anyway, the boyfriend of the girl tried to act macho and confronted the sinkie lady, demanding that she delete the video from her phone because it violates their privacy. But full-time police national serviceman Muhammad Shazwan Sapuwan abused his authority and threatened a young couple to do his bidding. He said at the time of the offences, his client had just come out of a broken relationship. In Singapore, housing policies are closely tied to the institutions of the nuclear family and marriage. Syahid could have been jailed for up to 20 years, fined or caned on each charge. For extortion, he could have been jailed up to seven years and caned. There also has to be some form of balloting system in place to allocate the scarce land resources our country has, and thus housing becomes an incentive for us to settle down and start a family. Feb 02, As a policeman, he was supposed to uphold the law. You are excited and nervous at the same time. Mohamed Syahid Mohamed Yusoff, 32, pleaded guilty on Monday Nov 13 to two of four charges of sexual penetration, including oral sex, with the girl at a staircase landing of a HDB block in Jurong some time between July and August It is a middle-aged guy and a much younger woman with voluptuous curves in an overly-revealing dress, red stilettos and even redder lipstick. When you enter the room, it is very basic, and devoid of any character. I imagined them removing their clothes and trying to find a comfortable position on the hard concrete edges of the staircase. Until then, the HDB staircase is their only hiding place. To be fair, many young people in other parts of the world move across the country for college or work, and rent a place with their partners or friends. On separate occasions in , he snuck up on two couples behaving intimately at HDB staircases and recorded them on video. The lady obviously went home and uploaded the video and spread it

Hdb staircase sex

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