How to enjoy sex after menopause

All types work and the application of oestrogen in this way can make the whole area more comfortable, and make sex enjoyable again, though you may still need to use a little extra lubricant. The number of cases of sexually transmitted infections STIs is growing at an alarming rate in women over 40, mainly because they are not taking any precautions against them. If you have more than one sex partner, always use a condom. Don't have sex with someone who you suspect might have an STD. There are options to consider, such as counseling. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Bring in the cavalry for symptoms support Part of this journey includes changing the narrative of how we traditionally thought of menopause.

How to enjoy sex after menopause

Estrogen replacement may work, but more research is needed. The therapist may advise sexual counseling on an individual basis, with your partner, or in a support group. Stress relief techniques should be explored extensively as well. As a healthcare expert, she strives to educate women on their bodies, and as a national speaker, uses her expertise to help women understand their health conditions and how to address them appropriately. You can get an STD at any point in your life during which you're sexually active. Testosterone therapy options include pills, patches, creams, and oral therapies. Don't use alcohol or drugs before you have sex. Engaging in mind-body activities can help relieve those symptoms that interfere with sexual intimacy, desire, and even sleep quality. Other symptoms include feeling a bit itchy and sore and this is often mistaken for thrush. HRT can come in various forms, like pills, foams, patches, and vaginal creams. Continued Doctors are also studying whether a combo of estrogen and male hormones called androgens may help boost sex drive in women. Oestrogen has a moisture-retaining effect on the skin and this means that after the menopause the skin does become noticeably drier and thinner, not only in the more obvious places like the face but also in the genital area. The goal of this therapy is to help vasomotor symptoms and vulvovaginal atrophy. Don't risk giving the infection to someone else. These can include erotic or non-erotic fantasies, exercises with sex, and music, videos, or television. An oral drug taken once a day, Osphena, makes vaginal tissue thicker and less fragile, resulting in less pain for women during sex. Tell your partner what's comfortable and what's not. Always make sure you buy your supplements from a reputable source. Both are due to the very low levels of oestrogen that inevitably become an issue when the ovaries stop working. All types work and the application of oestrogen in this way can make the whole area more comfortable, and make sex enjoyable again, though you may still need to use a little extra lubricant. Do not use non-water-soluble lubricants such as Vaseline, because they can weaken latex, the material used to make condoms. This can be done through pessaries, creams or a ring. Non-water-soluble lubricants can also provide a medium for bacterial growth, particularly in a person whose immune system has been weakened by chemotherapy. Tackling it with new knowledge can minimize any negative impacts on your quality of life, emotional satisfaction, and intimacy. You may also want to take a warm bath before sex to help you relax, and use vaginal lubricants to help ease pain caused by friction. You can still show your partner love and affection without having sex.

How to enjoy sex after menopause

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How To Get Back Sexual Desire After Menopause And Improve Female Libido?

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  1. Your doctor may refer you and your partner to a health professional who specializes in sexual dysfunction. Take some basic steps to help protect yourself from STDs:

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