How to spice up sex after baby

Consider the couch, minivan, laundry room, or backyard fair territory when it comes to making love. Be brave and try having sex with the lights ON for a change! And no, I won't tell you. Turn the Lights ON! Go ahead and give it a shot. Seriously, get creative and find ways to sexually connect. You probably won't feel good leaving your newborn with a sitter to have a date night and good hotel sex with your man. Try different oils and scents.

How to spice up sex after baby

Allowing Dad To Help with Baby. Scheduling time for getting intimate will help both of you be excited and look forward to satisying each other's desires. Just remember that he loves your body. Try different oils and scents. Your post-pregnancy sex life should be better than ever! For this reason, find a close relative or friend you know you can trust with your baby so you and your partner can go some place where you can enjoy each other's company and affection again. And it's not just the new responsibilities and exhaustion — delivering a baby can leave you sore, dry, and feeling not-so-sexy. An easy way to squeeze in sex after baby — make naptime nooky-time. You may both be utterly exhausted and not in the mood, but you can ramp up your sex drive after pregnancy by simply communicating about what you'd like — if only you had the energy — and you might find an ounce or two to put to good use. Well you're not alone. Get naked Even if you're feeling not-so-appealing, naked is sexy. Make sure your partner knows you love them, are attracted to them and enjoy being around them. If he doesn't believe you, make him read this. No matter what way you decide to do it, dancing is sure to release some pheromones and get things moving in the right direction. A little well-placed Astroglide can works wonder. Slow dance and connect, get your heart pumping in a swing dance or some jazz, or show him your moves. Kidding aside, find other things you're comfortable doing so you can nurture your relationship with your man Wink, wink. If it makes you feel more comfortable, you can wear outfits that make you feel sexy or turn the lights down a bit for a muted effect. So, when you think about trying to stay awake, getting in the shower, climbing into bed, and then trying to find energy for sex. Be brave and try having sex with the lights ON for a change! A decrease in sex is often symptomatic of poor communication and can drive a wedge between the couple. Soak in the tub and ask him to rub your shoulders. Pull into your garage after dropping the kids off at daycare and get busy in the back. After all, the goal here is to be yourself! Set the mood with lights and relaxing music.

How to spice up sex after baby

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How to Spice Up Sex in your Relationship: 3 keys to an EXQUISITE SEX LIFE

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