Illicite sex

He does not know how the laws of nature is working, life for life. She may come as your mother in the next life. From the very beginning of Krishna consciousness one gains the positive taste for spiritual existence, and so the addictions of the senses become relatively easy to give up. But it is a transformation of what is in fact our love for Krishna. When one associates with the mode of passion, he is implicated in suffering life after life. Quickly, then, we begin to experience our eternal nature and to taste the remarkable flavor of our natural love, and as we do so we lose interest in the material substitutes that used to attract us.

Illicite sex

Substance abuse, gluttony, cutting—these are all harmful acts to the body, but they do not do what sexual misconduct does, according to Paul. So without marriage, sex life is illicit sex life. That you have to learn from us. Therefore illicit sex is strictly prohibited. You will lose this human life form, which you have acquired with great difficulty. We move up the hierarchy of beings; in the lower stages of our evolution, in plant and then animal bodies, our consciousness is heavily covered. Even an ant you cannot kill even. That nature cannot be changed, but in the material energy the tiny selves can have the illusion that they are independent, that they are the supreme, that they are the enjoyers and the controllers. A person can never be happy and has to suffer painful miseries when he enjoys sex with someone who is not rightfully his [his wife]. It is a great pleasure. Our developed human consciousness, which keeps us from being comfortable in an animal body, may indicate or symptomize a fundamental feature of existence. Even though they mislead others, however, they are ultimately not worthy of anger or scorn: From the description of these verses, we can understand what an extremely sinful act illicit sex is. Look at these terrible dangers. Only a living Gnani Purush can show you the way out, but you have to have a clear mind, be truly repentant and have an unshakeable conviction that you will never repeat your mistake again. The woman of past life would become your mother in this birth, and the mother of this birth would become your wife in your next birth. But of course, nature grinds relentlessly on and pays no heed to our fine and tender feelings, our banners and our flags, our list of conquests and victories. But this world is a factory of fear, therefore be careful when you tread. The sexual urge is so strong that sometimes a man indulges in sexual relations with a cow, or a woman indulges in sexual relations with a dog. Then abrahmacharya non-celibacy is definitely there and so is the fifth violation of parigraha possession. The Lord says that, there is liberation for the one who indulges in rightful sex but there is no liberation for the one who indulges in illicit sex. Thus in the next life they also enter the womb of a mother and are killed in the same way. Abrahmacharya is the biggest parigraha. But sex is allowed within marriage. The whole world is your kingdom. Yesterday I was talking with one priest.

Illicite sex

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  1. One should be satisfied with his married wife, for even a slight deviation will create havoc. Therefore he is called a miser.

  2. Illegal—now they are giving opportunity, abortion, killing the child, and so on, go to the hospital.

  3. The Flavor of Natural Love The essence of the program to return the self to its pure state consists of bringing that self into direct contact with Krishna. But you do not know what is God.

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