Insest sex mom and son videos

We quickly moved and stood up, my skirt dropped down and Robby put his soft cock into his pants, laughing we moved quickly away and back to the hotel. Before I knew it, not that I would have stopped him, he pulled down my panties. He looked me in the eye and said, "do you want me to keep going, I shock my head yes. I opened my eyes to see Robby's face inches from mine and I felt his cock go soft and flop out of my cunt. Knowing that I was leaving for home in the morning I wondered what was next for both of us. Lunch with the schools president and deans, etc. I closed my eyes while he felt my tits. It was a full day and by the time dinner time came, I was exhausted. Maybe he was right.

Insest sex mom and son videos

Before I knew it, not that I would have stopped him, he pulled down my panties. Though I know difference, I agreed but said I need to get dressed anyway. He hesitated and I began to squeeze his balls again. After a few minutes my piss slowed to a dribble, Robby again did something shocking, he leaned forward, put his mouth against my cunt and I peed in his mouth. Then, he spread more on his hard cock. I screamed out, "Robby, fuck me, fuck your mommys hot cunt, fill me with your cream","ohh, it feels so good, fuck, I am coming on my sons cock and he is coming in his mothers hot pussy. His hands began roaming over my naked body, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of a mans hands freely feeling the most intimate and sensitive parts of my body. I held his head and continued to fuck his mouth for at least 1 minute before I collapsed to the floor of the tub. It dark and we were very isolated in the park. I opened my eyes and looked down as my son felt and sucked my tits, first one the other. With his last few spurts, I put his cock in my mouth and let him finish with his cock in my mouth. I don't know if it just fucking, just fucking my son or doing it outside in public that had me so excited. Screaming for him to keep fucking me and how much I loved it. For a few seconds nothing happened then Robby said, mom, they are beautiful. He didn't hesitate, he grabbed my hair and pulled my head into his cock, then began to rhythmically fuck my mouth, sometimes making me gag but he didn't stop, he just kept fucking my mouth. I moved my mouth to his mouth and we kissed, a long sloppy wet kiss. In the hotel dinning room I watch Robby for any sign of distress over what we had just done. I unzipped Robby's pants and pulled out his 10 inch cock. Robby rolled over to me, put his arm around me and said into my ear, mom, I love you and I loved making love to you, please don't feel bad, please, we love each other, it can't be wrong, can it? Then, the lights went out, my cum was so hard that I passed out. Maybe he was right. Unfortunately it was Robby, my 19 year old son. I clenched and my muscles began contracting and tightening up my ring. We were talking like lovers rather than mother and son. Next thing I felt was his mouth on my nipple, licking and sucking, the shock through my body was intense, my nipples have always been my hot button. I could take no more, my orgasms exploding into my sons mouth, my hot juice, mixed with Robby's cum and my piss.

Insest sex mom and son videos

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  1. Within a few minutes I was close, I start moving faster and riding his cock hard, I whispered in his ear that I was ready to come and said out loud "fuck me baby fuck your mommy's pussy hard make me cum baby I want to feel your hot cum spurting into me, please baby fuck me, fuck me baby Oh god, I'm cumming, baby fuck mommy or shit it feels so fucking good" I exploded, all the talk caused Robby to explode, his cock grew even bigger and felt like it was going through my cervix his cock was touching me in those places I didn't know I had.

  2. For the first time in many years I felt fingers other than my own entering my steaming cunt sending shivers though my body. Robby shared a dorm room with 3 other boys, I couldn't stay with him so I booked a room at the local hotel with 2 doubles and Robby and I were going to spend parents weekend doing what parents and new students do, learning about the campus etc.

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