Iranian sexuality

The questionnaire contained 64 items in three sections: Following the conflicts, threats and changes of sexuality in midlife, they adopt several coping strategies to preserve and improve their sexual relationships. Bull World Health Organ. Age transition in Iran: Playing the role of a young woman during sex was another strategy among some of the middle-aged women. The findings of the present study indicated that women for adjustment to sexual changes had negative psychological reactions such as denial, role-playing and justification and sometimes took some steps to improve their appearance. Anal sex, Oral sex, Sexual behavior, Sexual practice, Vaginal sex, Sexual health, Reproductive health Introduction Human sexuality has been considered as one of the most important aspects of reproductive health and quality of life 1. Hence, counseling and educational programs designed for married men and women can include some factual information about different types of sex.

Iranian sexuality

Bull World Health Organ. Factors affecting sexual function in menopause: How do Iranian women from Rafsanjan conceptualize their sexual behaviors? The questionnaire contained 64 items in three sections: Adjustment to aging in the Thai family context. Handbook of personality development. In this regard, some mentioned look at the appearance via clothes, make up, cosmetics and cosmeceutical interventions on the face and body. All participants were interviewed by trained staff. The qualitative content analysis process. Handbook of sexual dysfunction. Also, some women feel free from menstruation troubles and restrictions such as forbidden vaginal intercourse during menstruation. Participants were selected, using convenient sampling, among women referring Taleghani Health Center for annual gynecologic examination. As reproduction was assumed as a goal of sex in heterosexual relationships, for women who intended to have children, menopause was an unpleasant event. Due to some stigma attached to non-vaginal sexual practices among women in Iran, the feelings of women with regard to different sexual practices were also examined in this paper. But sexual health is a sensitive research subject, which might dispirit the participants to express themselves overtly; however, all of the women participated voluntarily and had enough assurance for the private interview. In this study, vaginal sex was defined as a penilevaginal penetration. Examining the sexual function and related attitudes among aged women: Since there seemed to be no valid or reliable questionnaire on women's sexual behavior in Iran, researchers developed a questionnaire based on instruments used for other populations, adopted form books and articles and concepts of sexual specialists. The demographic and reproductive characteristics of the women are presented in Table 1. Perception and degree of acceptance of menopause-related changes in various spheres of life by postmenopausal women. Population and Housing Censuses. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates; The internal reliability of the questionnaire was confirmed using test-retest and measuring the Chronbach's alpha, which showed an acceptable correlation of 0. Menopause related pros in sexual life Some women considered menopause as an opportunity to get rid of unwanted pregnancies, contraception issues and more peace of mind in the sexual relationship. Although the generalizability of the findings is not an attribute of qualitative studies, the findings might be generalized whether logically or theoretically.

Iranian sexuality

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  1. The prevalence of sexual activity, and sexual dysfunction and behaviours in postmenopausal woman in Poland. Qualitative content analysis in nursing research:

  2. Qualitative content analysis in nursing research: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

  3. Receiving oral sex was defined as any contact between the mouth, including lips and tongue of a man and genital of a woman.

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