Iranian video sexi

X", who was believed to have been the one to disseminate it to the public, albeit accidentally, initially fled the country, taking up residence in Armenia. Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei has faced domestic criticism for his handling of a previous sex abuse scandal involving prominent Iranian Koran reciter Saeed Toosi. Alinejad said the family members with whom she communicated told her that Iranian authorities had warned them not to share the video of the school staffer with foreign media. Under Iranian law, film and video footage must be supported by additional evidence or a confession. This is a harsh and anti-religious treatment that no human deserves.

Iranian video sexi

Alinejad said both police and family members could be seen in the full version of the video she received, but not in the shortened clip that she shared online. Her post drew more than 21, comments in half a day. Neither of the suspects were named by the Islamic Republic News Agency , the state-run news agency in Tehran. In a January 26 tweet, he said: In an interview with the Guardian UK , she said, "I watched the film after I heard about the fuss from colleagues and the girl in it is not me. Under the precepts of Shi'a Islam , sex during temporary marriage is permitted. This article is over 4 months old Play Video 0: Alinejad said she received five minutes of video of the confrontation from a family member of one of the students Sunday. The video was posted on Instagram by Masih Alinejad, a US-based Iranian activist behind a number of campaigns fighting the compulsory wearing of the hijab, and has been viewed more than 1. The worry that something may have happened to her grew worse when she was forbidden from speaking in public by the Iranian authorities. In , news outlets began reporting the arrest of suspects under this law, so presumably it has been approved. She said she verified it by communicating with several more family members before posting a shortened version on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. An Iranian judiciary official was quoted as saying: I categorically condemn this behaviour and will pursue the matter. I admit there are some similarities to the character I played in Narges. X" was tried and imprisoned. The Guardian understands that the two women in the video were not out in public protesting, but celebrating a birthday. In January, an appeals court acquitted Toosi of sexually abusing boys whom he had taught in previous years, allegations that had prompted a lower court to sentence him to four years in prison. Alinejad said the family members, who requested anonymity, named the school staffer as Mohammad Hossein Haerizadeh, but did not disclose when or where they confronted him in the video. After Iranian investigators requested he be arrested, [14] the man was apprehended and extradited shortly afterwards. Parents can be heard demanding to know if he engaged in sexual activity with the boys as well. It is possible to use studio make-up to have a person look like me. A woman found guilty of having sex outside marriage can face a penalty of up to 99 lashes with a leather strap. To become law, the bill still required the approval of Iran's Guardian Council. The clip drew thousands of comments from Iranian social media users angered by the alleged sex abuse. It has seen wide distribution on DVD and over the internet in Iran.

Iranian video sexi

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