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Just like anybody else there are the good and the bad. Despite their own awareness of contraceptive methods, participants suggested that young people their age sometimes fail to use family planning due to lack of knowledge. Finally, the multiple-choice format of survey questionnaire responses, although necessitated by the limited literacy of this study population, may have restricted adolescents' ability to express their beliefs and opinion. A girl in one focus group offered: How do you feel about them now? Understanding the reproductive attitudes and behavior of adolescents aged 14 or younger may aid in the development of educational programs designed to combat teenage sexual activity and childbearing. Boys in all groups were divided on the issue: The focus groups allowed us to collect richer and more detailed information from this group of young adolescents with limited reading and writing skills than could be collected in the survey.

Jamaican boy sex

The seventh graders in the focus groups were highly aware of modern contraceptive methods and expressed generally positive attitudes toward family planning, although fewer than half of the young adolescents who reported sexual experience said they practiced contraception at first intercourse. We talked very dirty while he was fuking me and he spanked my ass a lot. Institutional barriers may make it difficult for younger adolescents to access contraceptives. Each of these schools was geographically proximate to a Grade 7 Project school and similar in terms of academic caliber, size of student body and student demographics. I loved his penis, his sex, his attitude.. Only a few girls suggested that girls might pity a pregnant friend and offer her support. Barnett B et al. The survey was self-administered and respondents wrote their responses alone, without being observed by the interviewers or other students. Most boys said that a boy would be unhappy and scared if he impregnated a girl. Gender-specific family life education should be introduced among younger children in Jamaica, not just those entering puberty. What did you talk about? At each school, a guidance counselor or teacher selected students to participate in the focus-group discussions from among volunteers. In one focus group, a girl stated, "The baby would wake her in the night, and in the morning she goin' to want to sleep. However, most girls thought a girl their age who had sexual intercourse was foolish and behaving immorally. Probably she wouldn't want to lose him. Only four of the 28 girls who reported having had sex said they had intercourse prior to age We had sex all the time.. Ministry of Education, Education Statistics , Kingston: A gender-specific approach to family life education is probably needed, given the differences in attitudes and reported behavior between boys and girls. Boys in all groups were divided on the issue: The second source of information consists of eight single-sex focus-group discussions conducted with a subset of 64 survey respondents. Only in one focus-group discussion with boys was abortion mentioned as an option, suggesting that in Jamaica, abortion as a topic may be considered the domain of women. Young adolescents in this environment also need better access to family planning services. With few exceptions, girls in the focus-group discussions disapproved of a girl their age engaging in sexual intercourse, and they appeared to be well schooled about the potential negative consequences of sexual activity. The pretest revealed that a large proportion of seventh grade students could not read or write well enough to complete a self-administered questionnaire.

Jamaican boy sex

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  1. One boy speculated that Ted would not use a condom because, "Him wanna get the girl pregnant.

  2. Only four of the 28 girls who reported having had sex said they had intercourse prior to age This familiarity with pregnancy at an early age and assumption of familial support may be associated with the prevalence of early motherhood in Jamaica.

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