Love sex romance 2009 astrology

Be sure to avoid compromising too much, because a pissed-off Libra has a temper like no other. Be patient with your own journey. Strengthen this passionate behavior with romantic values for beautiful results. Learn to stand in the storm for a bit with the one you love until it clears up. Now is the time for us all to embrace the one thing that can help us find harmony in our love lives — and that one thing depends on your sun sign. Nobody wants you to be perfect. Venus in Sagittarius You are a born explorer with Venus in Sagittarius. You appreciate all of the finer things in life especially a partner who is able to match you with all the things in life you can give yourself, including status and power.

Love sex romance 2009 astrology

If you find yourself attracted to or tied to someone who is not down with that cause, run away, now. Venus in Pisces Magic is exactly what someone feels when they encounter a soul with Venus in Pisces. No one will ride or die for them like a Capricorn Venus native! Finally, try not to be flighty when you find someone who suits you, being dependable most of the time goes a long way. Nobody wants you to be perfect. Be sure that if you feel that way you chat it out with bae. They must be able to make love to your mind before they can even get a glimpse of your body. Venus in Taurus is asking you to align with your intellectual match. Being with someone who makes you feel safe and comfortable will naturally bring out the caretaker in you. Just be sure to guard against the tendency to mold a lover into who you want them to become instead of who they truly are. If you catch them each time they fall, they will never gather the wing strength to fly without you. You love to learn, travel and even teach when you can. What values guide your romantic decisions? You love to nurture and ensure the needs of your bae are well taken care of. Reveal secrets about your love life in the past, present, and future! Also, you appreciate a challenge and are in love with the chase. Contrast Venus in Taurus is your most romantic time of the year! As a master seducer, your charm will break down even the toughest of resistors. Insight A beautiful homecoming, Venus in Taurus helps you develop personal insight. Just make sure your partner knows they need to be a unique color, just like you. Who could resist that smile anyway? This can happen to you when you are feeling a little insecure. You are happy to cook, clean, pack lunches, whatever it takes to ensure your other half feels wholly supported. But your reticence to commit is only because you need to figure out if that person is worth the amount of love you plan to unleash. So, get messy this Venus in Taurus. When you are in love, you must guard against becoming too possessive of your love and strive to give them the freedom to explore on their own.

Love sex romance 2009 astrology

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  1. If you catch them each time they fall, they will never gather the wing strength to fly without you. With a Venus at home in Taurus, the powers of seduction are yours.

  2. You are ready to fight for what you believe in, running headfirst into whatever has impassioned you for the moment.

  3. Also, you appreciate a challenge and are in love with the chase. Believe it or not, this will only make your bond that much stronger.

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