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On such things, Rollo, turns the destiny of nations. When Burton withdrew, Foraker became the favorite, but his Old Guard Republicanism was deemed outdated, and Harding was urged to enter the race. In , the start of World War I and the prospect of a Catholic senator from Ohio increased nativist sentiment. The front porch campaign allowed Harding to avoid mistakes, and as time dwindled towards the election, his strength grew. As Cox was, when not in politics, a newspaper owner and editor, this placed two Ohio editors against each other for the presidency, and some complained there was no real political choice. In August , a Kansas referendum strongly rejected the Lecompton Constitution.

Office secretary sex sid 101

Geary as territorial governor, with the mission of reconciling the settler factions and approving a constitution. Harding had asked Willis to place his name in nomination, and the former governor responded with a speech popular among the delegates, both for its folksiness and for its brevity in the intense Chicago heat. By October, Cox had realized there was widespread public opposition to Article X, and stated that reservations to the treaty might be necessary; this shift allowed Harding to say no more on the subject. Daugherty claimed credit for persuading Harding to run, "I found him like a turtle sunning himself on a log, and I pushed him into the water. Though Lincoln had virtually no support in the South, his support in the North was enough to give him an Electoral College majority. Senate, the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress, and were led by President Wilson. On such things, Rollo, turns the destiny of nations. The Lecompton Constitution won the approval of the Senate in March, but a combination of Know-Nothings, Republicans, and northern Democrats defeated the bill in the House. The New York World found Harding the least-qualified candidate since James Buchanan , deeming the Ohio senator a "weak and mediocre" man who "never had an original idea. Harding, speech before the Home Market Club, Boston, May 14, [73] There were only 16 presidential primary states in , of which the most crucial to Harding was Ohio. Coolidge, popular for his role in breaking the Boston police strike of , was nominated for vice president, receiving two and a fraction votes more than Harding had. It was calculated to offend nobody except Democrats. Despite the candidate's work, according to Russell, "without Daugherty's Mephistophelean efforts, Harding would never have stumbled forward to the nomination. It is so bad that a kind of grandeur creeps into it. Utah Senator Reed Smoot , before his departure early in the evening, backed Harding, telling Hays and the others that as the Democrats were likely to nominate Governor Cox, they should pick Harding to win Ohio. He voted for the Eighteenth Amendment , which imposed Prohibition , after successfully moving to modify it by placing a time limit on ratification, which was expected to kill it. Lodge then declared a three-hour recess, to the outrage of Daugherty, who raced to the podium, and confronted him, "You cannot defeat this man this way! Kane as a private agent to negotiate peace. Douglas's faction continued to support the doctrine of popular sovereignty, while Buchanan insisted that Democrats respect the Dred Scott decision and its repudiation of federal interference with slavery in the territories. Buchanan, working through federal patronage appointees in Illinois, ran candidates for the legislature in competition with both the Republicans and the Douglas Democrats. Cole also entered the Republican primary. The nomination was made unanimous. McAdoo was a major contender, but he was Wilson's son-in-law, and refused to consider a nomination so long as the president wanted it. Delegates were convinced Wilson's health would not permit him to serve, and looked elsewhere for a candidate. Murray noted that there is no evidence besides Harvey's word that Harding went to the Hays suite that night, and that other participants denied that Harding was there.

Office secretary sex sid 101

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  1. Douglas and Breckinridge agreed on most issues except for the protection of slavery in the territories.

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