Queen by the sex pistols

August 27, , London. I remember ranks of police were thundering up the gangplank. A short, disastrous U. You get a kind of vampiric beauty if you take that much speed, an unearthly glamour. Malcolm saw the whole thing as performance art, an event. People trickle off, slowly, after a half an hour.

Queen by the sex pistols

Rotten gives up on losing the feedback and the band slams into Anarchy, right on cue with the Houses of Parliament. He was a glutton for his chemicals. I think he never looked better than in this photograph. Johnny Rotten interviewed on the boat by the press. When the boat was returned to the pier later that evening, you could feel the seething resentment coming off the police ranks. So after a token protest, we all went quietly into the night. Great selection — moving from arcane dub to the Ramones thru Paul Revere and the Raiders. We were all surprised at just how rough the police were when they came on board. Nothing happens, bar a bit of pushing and shoving on either side. I also read a few short accounts of people who were there, and added a couple below. Although banned by the British media, the single rose rapidly to number two on the charts. Nick Collins, a lifelong punk fan and owner of All Ages Records, doesn't understand what the fuss is about. The charges run like this approximately: Vivienne Westwood on the floor and Jordan are arrested by police in the melee on the boat following their raid. He was more of a diva than Mick Jagger or Keith Richards. First published in British music paper Sounds, I have edited it below and added photos of the Sex Pistols and others on the boat trip, for illustration. He was like bloody Judy Garland, throwing a complete tantrum because some poor photographer from Paris got a bit too close. May 3, , London , drummer Paul Cook b. Both groups were determined that they were going to change the way society was ordered, but both wanted to do it while getting absolutely shitfaced. But they gave voice to what a lot of us were feeling — that England was dreaming. The song's release was timed to cause maximum offence, as the country was getting ready to celebrate the Queen's Silver Jubilee. I remember ranks of police were thundering up the gangplank. Their fans seemed to prefer the mayhem to their music. There were a lot of hippies on the boat, all these sweet people from Virgin. A boat was hired - paid for by Virgin Records boss Richard Branson - so they could have their own alternative party on the Thames but chaos ensued. There were only three TV channels and the internet was yet to be invented. Buy a signed copy of Bombed Out!

Queen by the sex pistols

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  1. Johnny Rotten on the boat, shortly after taking speed with journalist Tony Parsons. May 10, , London—d.

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