Robin and starfire having sex

However, the couples embrace was suddenly cut short as a blissful sigh escaped Robin's lips from the sensation of her moving into position on his lap; her full weight resting directly on top of his hardening arousal. Slowly, she began drawing her head back up the human teen's shaft; doing her best to cover every inch of rigid flesh with her devious tongue as she went, bathing Robin's well endowed member in her warmth before descending once more when she reached is tip. Captivated by her beauty, his eyes slowly travelled up her slender frame before locating the objects of his main interest and despite his climax moments ago; Robin could feel his member growing hard from just looking at them. The last thing he needed was for Starfire to think he was in discomfort and then spend the rest of the night fussing over him, although a nice thought; the princess had a tendency to be a little forgetful about Human limitations. At first, all Starfire knew was the pain, the speed at which she had caused him to enter her alone was enough to send waves of agony shooting through her nerves and that was nothing compared to the feeling of his immense length stretching her tight walls. Although the effects of the sedatives and pain killers that Raven had given him made Robin to drowsy to speak or even move, it didn't seem to bother the Tamaranian beauty as she had spent the rest of the night by his side until he was deep asleep. However, not content with only using her mouth to bring him pleasure, the Tamaranian princesses wrapped the slender fingers of her right hand around the base of Robin's swollen member and began massaging the stretched skin of his shaft with her forefinger and thumb; applying a light pressure that made him groan louder. She couldn't explain it but something about the organ had her completely mesmerized. Sighing in relief as the pain eased slightly, the teen was about to turn his attention back to Starfire but instead; he almost jumped out of the bed as he found the princess's beautiful emerald green eyes levitating a few feet above him.

Robin and starfire having sex

And at that thought, a sudden rush of power overwhelmed Starfire. However, wondering why she had stopped; Robin used his good arm as a prop to slowly lean up so he could look down at the gorgeous alien goddess between his spread limbs. She smiled as cum dipped down the side of her mouth. Robin rested his hands on her shoulders. But, behind the lemon, is auctually a story line! However this only made her smile grow and before he could make a move, Starfire had lent down and captured his thin lips in another heated kiss. Entranced by the swaying orbs as she moved towards him, the Titan's brain never really registered Starfire crawling toward him on her hands and knees until she practically sat on his belly and scooted back until his cock was pressed between the full checks of her gorgeous ass. Fortunately for Starfire though, Robin had been able to push her out of the line of fire; just before the crook opened fire. Glancing down at her, the titian's leader was able to see a small smile gracing the princess's full, kissable lips as she began snuggling into him and Robin had to stop himself as he began leaning down to passionately kiss the alien beauty. Robin smirked, completely horny. Never had she heard him sound so desperate, not even in his and Slade's furious duels to near death had the Titian's leader spoke with such emotion and she was sure that if she prolonged his sweet torment; he would surly tear the bed sheets judging from the way he was twisting and pulling on them. Wanting to lift his gaze away from her bosom, Starfire then used one of her slender fingers to reach under his chin before gently tilting Robin's masked face up to look at her as she lent down and sealed their lips together in a sweet, genuine kiss. Swallowing the lump that had suddenly formed in his throat, Robin did his best to act normal; yet given the circumstances it wasn't easy. She had always heard that in matures of affiliations, courtships and even the physical acts of love themselves; males were simple creatures that had drive only for their own pleasures and yet the way Robin had maintained a constant pace that made her head spin as well as make her climax repeatedly proved how wrong that theory was, about him anyway. Oh this is so glorious! He held up a plastic bag. He then threw his other leg over her. As light flooded into the dark infirmary, Robin lay back on the bed and narrowed her masked eyes into thin slits; acting as if he were asleep. However his body had a different idea and despite the boy Wonder's best attempts not to surrender to the needs of his flesh, one last stroke of the alien princess's gorgeous lips sent him over the edge; causing him to spill his burning seed into her awaiting mouth as colors flew across his masked eyes. But as much as he would have loved to continue watching her, to enjoy the sight that would be her head bobbing up and down on his manhood, the wound in his shoulder was starting to tingle and as Raven had told him not to do anything to strenuous with it; Robin didn't want to risk an reopening it by using the injured limb as a stand for to long and slowly laid back in to his cot. Sensing the burning heat of Starfire's arousal rubbing against his, a deep moan reverberated through Robin's throat and not even years of training under the Dark Knight could stop him from arching his hips in ecstasy. There was no over way to put it…Robin was bored. Shifting restlessly on the stiff mattress, The Boy Wonder tried to rotate himself around to look at the clock hanging on the medical wing wall while doing his best to ignore the dull, burning sensation in his right shoulder and lower side. The whole gang peered over to the coffee table which held the movies. However, what they had both agreed on was that once he had been brought safely back to Titians Tower, Starfire had been coming to the medical wing at 10 o'clock on the dot and staying by his bedside until long after everyone else had gone to bed. She then moved down and down until finally, she was at his He could feel the tight ball of heat in the pit of his stomach getting tighter and tighter as Starfire continued her assault but he was stubbornly trying to make it last for as long as possible; he was enjoying her efforts to pleasure him to much to let it stop.

Robin and starfire having sex

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