Sex and vaseline

A Indiana University study found that 65 percent of women have used lubricant to make sex more comfortable, more pleasurable, or both. Print When it comes to sex, sometimes we need a little help making things go, well, smoothly. If you decide to use the thick jelly as lube, keep these factors in mind: Because the jelly sticks around longer than other lubes, it may invite bacteria to set up an infection. Going without lubricant might result in a dry and unpleasant experience, so you decide to try some Vaseline to help things get slippery. Vaseline can also degrade the silicone commonly used to coat sex toys, so it is not recommended to be used as a lubricant with silicone vibrators, dildos or dilators either. It can damage your sexual health This may cause issues if you use it for masturbation, then have sex using a condom the next day as it remains in the vagina and on the vulva and will damage the material of condoms, increasing your risk of becoming pregnant or contracting a sexual transmitted disease.

Sex and vaseline

So much for pleasure. However, while saliva from oral sex can seem more sensual, your spittle can leave the skin feeling dry. Using Vaseline as a lubricant for sex can stain the sheets of your bed and even your clothes. Water-based lubes are a good choice for both masturbation and intercourse. If you plan to use Vaseline as a lube, protect your sheets or any fabrics you may come in contact with to avoid stains. While it may reduce friction during sex, it can also introduce bacteria that can lead to an infection. Its stickiness can be inconvenient While the stick is good for making sure it stays where you need it to, cleaning up afterwards can be frustrating in comparison to more slippery lubricant products. The best way to do that is to rub a bit of the fluid onto the inside of your elbow. That said, the caveat to lube being a huge helper is the type of lubricant you use. Whether you should use Vaseline as lubricant for sex or not is a debated subject. While it can hydrate the skin, it is not suitable as a lubricant as it is only designed for external use. That has a downside, too. The study didn't look at infection rates, just at the chemical composition of the lubricants. And in a survey of gay men in San Francisco who have anal intercourse, 89 percent said they always use lubricant during sex. Even some healthcare professionals still recommend it even though it was never designed for sexual use. None of these studies definitively establishes that sexual lubricants directly cause any type of infection. Its soft, smooth feel can help intensify pleasure and make sex a pleasant experience. Not one of them. This can leave the body vulnerable to infection, so could actually increase your risk of catching an STI. It might not sound like a bit deal, but it can heighten sensation more than you would ever imagine. How safe are lubricants? Lubricant also makes it easier—and more pleasurable—to use condoms, a must for protecting against sexually transmitted diseases. It also has a higher osmolality than the cells in the body, drawing moisture out of the walls of the vagina rather than hydrating them, exacerbating vaginal dryness, not helping it. Glycerin free Some personal lubricants contain glycerin, which is a harmful chemical component that can cause irritation on sensitive skin. Using Vaseline for anal sex will probably not be as effective as another lubricant, and might not help ease the pain. Avoid using Vaseline as lube during sex if you can.

Sex and vaseline

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