Sex jokes about husband and wife

What is a wife? Then, Jill took off her panties and gave them to Brian. What's the difference between your wife and a refrigerator? The best friend listens, only hearing her side of the conversation: What's the difference between a penis and a prick? How do you turn a fox into an elephant? What do you call a Husband who Masterbates more than twice a day? Bob has been missing since Friday. A pregnant lady went to an astrologer.

Sex jokes about husband and wife

His wife was really angry. I spent it on a fling with your best friend Jimmy. As her husband lay in her arms and slowly opened his eyes, she remarked: After five years your job still sucks. What do toys and your wife's breasts have in common? If your wife keeps coming out of the kitchen to nag at you, what have you done wrong? So they will match the stove and fridge! She knows she's given her last blow job. Well, I'm happy to hear you're having such a great time How did it go? The thief was spending less then his wife. I went on a blind date, the other evening , my wife was furious. Unfortunately, neither knows what to do when they get there. Why does your husband have a hole in their penis? Both spend more time in your wallet than on your dick. She has her tampon behind her ear, and she can't find her cigarette. Yes I am, I married the wrong woman. Because their plugged into a genius! How can you tell when your wife is having a bad day? Okay then, let's start with Kisses! Aren't you wearing your wedding ring on the wrong finger? What do you call a wife with an opinion? Oh well just because you have a dick doesn't mean you can be one. How many men does it take to open a beer? A man escapes from prison where he has been for 15 years. They are both startled and he says, "Ma'am, if your heart is as soft as your breast, I know you'll forgive me.

Sex jokes about husband and wife

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