Sex selective abortion usa

An editorial in The Observer published the day before the debate argued the amendment should not be supported The Observer, Banning Abortions in Cases of Race or Sex Selection or Fetal Anomaly is designed to give advocates, service providers and policymakers the data and resources they need to engage in ongoing policy discussions in their states. Upon its publication, this report did not become a source of any claimsmaking in the media at all. Social Science and Medicine Despite evidence to the contrary, abortion opponents continue to claim that abortion providers target women of color. Only The Times reported in a different way, carrying a lengthy interview with Ann Furedi, the Chief Executive of the abortion provider British Pregnancy Advisory Service, in which she commented: Highlights 8 states ban abortions for reason of sex selection at some point in pregnancy.

Sex selective abortion usa

Only The Times reported in a different way, carrying a lengthy interview with Ann Furedi, the Chief Executive of the abortion provider British Pregnancy Advisory Service, in which she commented: Opponents of the Bruce Amendment raised concerns about possible consequences of this claim. If we cannot get a consistent line from abortion providers on whether or not it is illegal to abort a girl — it is usually girls but not always so — for the sole reason that she is a girl, then the law is not fit for purpose. Should we have to wait for those numbers to grow before we take action? The narrative that prevails today is that many Asian Americans abort female fetuses and do so because they prefer sons and have an aversion to daughters. In response, eight states have enacted bans on sex-selective abortion and 21 states and the United States Congress have considered such bans. She is the author of Abortion, Motherhood and Mental Health: Rather, emphasis was placed strongly on the claim that evidence had been found of law violation: Claims about sex selection abortion, however, called this authority into question on the basis that its exercise harms women. Personal testimony typifying the problem, of the sort previously highlighted in reporting in The Independent, thus now became the central ground, and opposition was constructed between this ground and statistics. These decisions result from an investigation Operation Monto carried out by several police forces and coordinated by the Metropolitan Police Service, following an undercover operation by a newspaper. While nominally aimed at combatting gender and racial discrimination, these laws actually work to make abortion less accessible by causing some women to fear they will be suspected of seeking a sex- or race-selective abortion; as a result, these patients may withhold information from providers or not seek care at all. A small number of research articles explore efforts to ban sex selection abortion in the USA. The analysis by country of birth and ethnicity do not offer evidence of sex selection taking place within England and Wales. Laws banning sex-selective abortion have been enacted on the basis of misinformation and harmful stereotypes about Asian Americans. Even though the bill was rejected, the majority of the U. This data suggests that a very small number of Asian American could be attempting to balance their families with both boys and girls. The new anti-abortion discourse in Canada. While disguised as a means to eliminate gender discrimination, these laws make abortion less accessible; they do not prohibit other sex selection methods, such as sperm sorting or preimplantation genetic diagnostics. The then Secretary of State for Health Andrew Lansley responded immediately to claims made by The Telegraph in by initiating investigations into the practices of abortion providers. Supplementary Material Click here to view. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Feminist journalist and writer Yasmin Alibhai-Brown , for example, explicitly constructed doctors as money-grabbing, sexist and prepared to act illegally. Prior to this attempt to change British law, laws banning sex selection abortion had already been passed in several states in the USA. Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture 20 4—5: Their agreement must be notified to the DoH, and this takes place through submission of a form designated for this purpose, which they have signed. Our discussion broadly follows the way claimsmaking developed chronologically, and our analysis indicates that there were three sorts of grounds for claims, as we now detail.

Sex selective abortion usa

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  2. Synthesis of research on gender biased sex selection insights and learnings — Anyone who flouts the law can be assured that they will end up feeling its full force.

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