Sex slave bathroom control

Punishment works better when accompanied with reinforcement for proper behavior: This is where the new attitude, values, and behavior are established as the new status quo. Because she is helpless to change her behavior, her attitude must change in order to reduce the mental conflict. Establishing proper behavior and turning these ideas into habits for her can also improve her self-image. Slavery means the giving of personal freedoms to a Master and agreeing to allow a Master to make choices for her. Research shows when using this method changes occurred faster. She, with her freewill,l consents.

Sex slave bathroom control

No longer reinforcing a previously reinforced response using either positive or negative reinforcement results in the weakening of the frequency of the response. Often, the slave not only feels an internal Push to achieve the goals established by her Master but also a pull by an internal force to resist change and maintain her old behavior and attitude status quo. This can only be true if it is applied where it is intended to work. People will move toward new and different behaviors if they view these new and different behaviors as: Desperation can come on quickly or slowly, depending on how much liquid has been consumed, and of course a slave is very vulnerable to torture when in this position, either by being forced to drink more liquid, or by pressing on her already full bladder. In the case of him being at work, if there is no answer, I am to wait fifteen minutes and then go. Establishing proper behavior and turning these ideas into habits for her can also improve her self-image. Under normal conditions, she is subject to your schedule. This does NOT reduce the necessity or the effectiveness of behavior training. The best methods of modifying behavior according to behavioral studies and what they should be used for are as follows: Your job it to make the push strong and pull weaker or at least do not let it grow. This is accomplished by rewarding and institutionalizing the new. No one by itself is enough. Well, other than the basics of being controlled, squirming desperate begging girls are one of my Master's biggest turn-ons. It helps if you do regular kegel exercises, which will greatly increase both your control and your comfort. He has made a choice of how he wishes her to behave. Operant conditioning and slave training: Modeling the example of other slaves. Nothing is allowed to be withheld or private from her Master. I don't enjoy holding it so long that I end up with cramps, or so long that I completely lose control, though who knows if Master will push me that far some day. How can she be a slave is she does not obey therefore she is helpless to be a slave and not obey. This is learn and she makes volunteer choices as she grows deeper into slavery and reaches her dream of being a owned. She must learn that her days and nights are owned by her Master. So, what's fun about it? When the push force is greater or equal to the pull force their is no change. This is accomplished by eliminating rewards and showing that the old behavior has no value to her slavery.

Sex slave bathroom control

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  1. Therefore, change only occurs when the motivation to serve, obey and please overrides the pulling motivation to maintain the status quo. People will move toward new and different behaviors if they view these new and different behaviors as:

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