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Sex tourism is a multibillion-dollar industry that globally supports a workforce estimated in the millions, [2] that also benefits service industries such as the airline, taxi, restaurant and hotel industries. He merely tells me to accept the policy or leave. Thus, countries of the Mediterranean region , which have the reputation of men resembling the Latin Lover stereotype, figure prominently among female sex tourism destinations[ citation needed ]. Does Wikitravel care about describing unethical practices? According to the tourists, they are usually lured in due to the exotic appeal that these men emulate. Does having these destinations drive away such travelers and reduce our readership to our detriment? You can read more about Wikisexguide on the About page. I don't think we're going to make everyone happy all of the time, but I think the current policy is a nice middle-ground: The publication of information means publication of information by any means, whether by written, electronic, or other form of communication; and includes the distribution of information.

Sex tourism links tips

There's no question but that this is a place to find prostitutes and that the bar's own website advertises this as the primary feature of the bar. Just editing is a good way to try for a policy change when no one is commenting on your proposal, and you're unsure if there's any objections. One could get busted, whether or not she was underage. I do not have a problem with the policy, but the reasons do not hold water. Suppose we're talking about Amsterdam. That all said, there are certain Wikisexguides who've been working on the site for a while, and they can become Administrators. Many folks I've worked with have gone in a group to walk around the red light district just as a tourism "let's go see that because we can" kind of thing. Then there are the hookers; plentiful, cheap and some are gorgeous Finally, there are the massage girls who may or may not give hand jobs but are fun either way. A distinction should also be made between legal adult sex services and sex services that are illegal in that country or which involve child sex. A distinction should be made between sex tourism and the ordinary sex services available to locals and, incidentally, to visitors. If the brothel in question is the kind of place that you can actually imagine a tourist wanting to go to for only a drink, that is Methinks this is an example that shows the policy needs change. Yes, this is the one of the grey areas. I like this comparison: Do I win a prize for finding the example? Strangely enough, it doesn't. It is often cited that women have the intention to have safe sex with their casual sex partners while on vacation, but at some point during the initiation of the condom, the women do not follow through. I suppose it would even be technically and legally possible to extradite said promoters to New Zealand to prosecute them and imprison them for 7 years. Two points in particular: What are they advertising? Define "prostitution" clearly, Wikipedia's sale of sexual services for cash, generally indiscriminately with many persons is a decent starting point. So far we don't list the names, numbers, costs, or reviews of babysitters, even though this would be helpful to some travellers. Sure, it's an alley or two full of strip joints where every girl has her price, but the bars make their money from selling drinks. As a counter example, I am told I never read the things, myself that some other travel guides include notes on where red light districts are, but not a lot of info on how to solicit or what prices are. Questions about editing This all looks like gobbledygook!

Sex tourism links tips

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