Sex with the concierge

If you really want to impress your travel partner, seek out the soap concierge beforehand to discover which soap is best suited for the occasion: They even offer a "one-night stand package", which includes some of the kinky things mentioned and a "late checkout time" of 1 p. Thankfully, for those with a limitless credit card, utilizing the services offered by the hotel concierge makes all those problems suddenly disappear. Kathleen Nugent has that covered, too. That is, a full-day vacation, both in and out of the bedroom.

Sex with the concierge

They arrange hotels, flights, dinner reservations, admittance to golf clubs or sex clubs. A drive out to Napa, or a day in bed? That is, a full-day vacation, both in and out of the bedroom. Number 8 - The Technology Butler The hotel concierge service at the Ritz-Carlton Phoenix has tackled the ever-present problem of the computer-dependent-yet-still-illiterate guest. Each pet receives a "doggie-bag" that comes equipped with a toy, a treat, a tag, and a cleanup bag. Whenever I couldn't gauge a new client from my end, I'd suggest a modern art museum followed by a strip club. Maybe it's because your time is precious, or maybe it's because you enjoy living large and splashing out on the extravagant. Every detail came together perfectly, except for one. Give her a top three list of restaurants to meet at. This sets a price range, as well as acknowledging you understand you'll meet in public first where she can scope you out in front of witnesses. Each day between 11 a. An aerial wedding above the city? Number 6 - The Soap Concierge If you're planning a dirty weekend away, you might want to ask yourself: How much soap should I bring? This can be anything from running miscellaneous errands to making reservations at restaurants, arranging concert tickets, or even other more clandestine requests, if you catch my drift. During the big event, she hid to one side, photographing the down-on-one-knee moment and then toasting the surprised bride-to-be with kosher Champagne. These women bill themselves more or less as concierges. Her ad puts it this way: Recently added to their helpful staff is a specially trained honeymoon and proposal concierge who, among other things, will discreetly offer sound advice to the guy planning to pop the big question during his visit. More than 20 types of cheese are available to guests dining in the hotel restaurant, as well as weekly wine-and-cheese tastings that the cheese man can keep you abreast of. However, you never have to worry about keeping clean at the Tides Riviera Maya on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, whose official soap concierge will take care of all that. Because plush holidays are all about overindulgence, of course. Invite her to make suggestions. Valleywag This image was lost some time after publication. Kari, above, is available for an entire day of pampering in the Sonoma Hills.

Sex with the concierge

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Italy's first robotic concierge and car salesman

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