Sexual energy vampires

With that said I will cover the names, but only in as much as they are useful to know, and with the understanding that there are those who have used various other names, or the same ones with different meanings. They will use sex as a tool, a bribe, a force to gain what they want. Though, those who claim to feed from sexually excited blood are perhaps the most commonly accepted sexual feeder from this group. Well, actually my husband has stated, 'Having sex with a human before or after feeding is like a human having sex with a cow before eating a hamburger. When someone claims to be a tantric vampire, they are basically taking the longest possible way to feed possible, and many claim it is the most pure and full filling.

Sexual energy vampires

Like the Social Vampire, the real Vampire is out for what he or she can get with little regard for their victim, and victim is the proper terminology here. Yes, these are negatives and thank the stars there are not many around in comparison to Vampires who tend to disdain human contact. Regardless of the means in which you engage in it, whether purely physical, or totally psychological, the end result is that some element of sexual energy has to be involved. We have all met them, male and female alike. Be it Sexual Vampire, Tantric, Pranic, Eros, Succubus or Incubus the names are less important than the understanding of what it is that drives us to act as we do. Very young or inexperienced people, etc. However, this is not what we are speaking of when we say Sexual Vampire in this context. When someone claims to be a tantric vampire, they are basically taking the longest possible way to feed possible, and many claim it is the most pure and full filling. Those who consider themselves Incubus and Succubae, claim to feed from the physical act, or sexual biological connection to their donor. In the case of the real Vampire, the human victim has no chance, of having their pain be so strong that they leave, because no matter how strong their hurt or pain is, the conscious and psychic controls used by the Vampire is something they can neither realize is happening nor can they prevent it from happening. Many will claim that these feeding types are merely sexually addicted, or using the archetype to play the field and in many cases this might be true. Years ago I sat down with a group of self-described sexual vampires, and as a forum we discussed the concepts around those we have called so many names. Its female counterpart is the succubus. Once a relationship is established they do everything they can to cement the bond. This is literally the physical act of having sexual intercourse. Or use another person for their sexual needs, gratification, dependency or actual body flesh. First we look at the regular blood Vampire, either Classical or Inheritor, both male and female. They combine sexual fears and fantasy, to lead people to places they might never explore on their own. However, this is all a ploy, as the Vampire uses his or her psychic ability to bond and hold fast his prey, until the person is convinced they cannot live with out this special person. I started using this term because I was tired of the flowery romantic, or mystical angle we have been applying to all vampiric forms. It is a hunt, and the Vampire is enjoying the hunt, the capture, the conquest and the prize of their labors -- and the emotions. But only if that person takes more than they give in return. In reality this Vampire cares nothing for the person. The Vampire will often use psychic strength to woo the victim, to make the person, usually human, become attracted to them, like them, want them. Yet the names have some level of importance as well, if only to help us understand how we are the same.

Sexual energy vampires

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  1. Then the Vampire becomes the perfect mate, everything the person could ever have dreamed of; kind, generous, caring, loving, involved etc.

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