Sexy messy updo

Braided Up Instagram beauty. If not, pop some extensions in there! Hairspray is key in keeping this look in place all day or night! I would describe this look as a textured, messy updo. In fact, I love just wearing it whilst I am working.

Sexy messy updo

Any advice for someone considering it? Braids and twists also add another fun and flirty element and help make sure your style stays put. Strong face shapes will benefit from the softness of this look. I would describe this look as a textured, messy updo. This will really work on any hair type and is a nice relaxed style. This is a fun and sassy textured updo that I brought to life. Thicker hair types also work well with the different ways to add curl and volume. Messy Side Pony Try your tresses loosely curled and pinned into a side-swept ponytail for an easy everyday look. If not, pop some extensions in there! My favorite thing about it is that it is so versatile! I love that this updo is so versatile and can be worn every day or for a special occasion. My favorite part of this creation has to be the effortless flow and texture it gives. I recommend this style for clients with medium to thick hair. Retro-Inspired Auburn This loosely curled and pinned-into-a-bun look has a chic, rockabilly feel. Effortlessly Pinned Messy Bun Instagram kairivender Textured hair is the easiest hair type to use for stunning messy buns like this one. I have had so many brides this year asking for this specific style. My favorite thing about it is, of course, the double Dutch braids! In my opinion, color is everything when you are creating a textured updo! Stronger face shapes such as square or oval will benefit from the softness of this style. This client had a lot of hair, so a double braid worked really well for her. Worn as shown, it can work with a simple t-shirt and ripped jeans with the right lip color and heels. I just play around placing different pieces, and if it works, it stays. The sides really created an elegant feel and made it perfect for the occasion. The hair can also be shoulder length or longer! Apply it at the roots where needed. Make sure you have plenty of texture products nearby to spritz when you need that airy textured look. Use bobby pins to pin some of the back curls around the bun.

Sexy messy updo

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Edgy and Sexy Updo

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  1. Start by taking large curled sections from the bottom and twisting and pinning them randomly as you work from the bottom to the top. You could also totally rock this during the day by loosening it ever so slightly, adding simple makeup, and wearing a cute casual dress.

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