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Psychosexual dysfunction in Indian male patients: Perceived sexual dysfunction amongst patients with inflammatory bowel disease. A study conducted in Nigeria[ 48 ] also concluded that younger age was a risk factor for female sexual disorders. A study of male potency disorders. Sexual disabilities, problems, and satisfaction in year old Swedes. Open in a separate window Female sexual disorders were more prevalent from years of age; however majority of males had sexual problems in 41to 60 years age group. In our study, among those who were diagnosed to have female sexual disorder,

Southindian women sex

There was no significant difference in the prevalence of female sexual disorder between females living in nuclear vs joint family. Our study finding is in accordance with the above study findings. Incidence and prevalence of the sexual dysfunctions: South Indian studies have found similar results that the risk factors for the development of male sexual disorders such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hyper-lipidemia, and a history of cardiac diseases were not strongly correlated to the presence of sexual disorder among females. Since young women are more likely to be single, their sexual activities might involve higher rates of partner turnover as well as periodic spells of sexual inactivity and performance anxiety. A multidimensional scale for assessment of erectile dysfunction. Data of a longitudinal epidemiological study. Our study findings might be due to performance anxiety or changing life style in the Indian society with premarital sexual activity being on the rise, which could lead to higher prevalence of sexual disorders among the unmarried. The lower classes had a higher prevalence of male sexual disorders, compared to the middle class population. Sexual behavior of married young women: A study of male patients with sexual problems. This finding is not in accordance with few other Indian studies which have shown that there is a slightly higher prevalence of sexual disorders among married compared to the unmarried. The effect of chronic alcohol abuse on sexual function. Female sexual disorders were found to be highest among upper socioeconomic class females and least among lower socioeconomic class but these two groups had fewer study population. Unlike in males, female sexual disorders were less prevalent among illiterate females compared to literate females in our study. Also, age related physiological changes like andropause can attribute to increased sexual disorder prevalence rates among elderly individuals. Development of a sexual function questionnaire for clinical trials of female sexual dysfunction. A population-based national survey of men and women. Data suggests that, although sexual dysfunction is more common in the aged, it is more often related to comorbid illness than aging alone. Although our study adopted a well validated interviewing methodology, lesser prevalence of female sexual dysfunctions was noted compared to studies from China and America, which can be due to cultural factors and the different diagnostic tools used in these different studies. Aging, sleep disorders, and male sexual function. Social classification of Indian families. It was observed that prevalence of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation was more among the unmarried, whereas HSDD was found to be more among the married. A critical review of the empirical literature. This instability, coupled with inexperience, generates stressful sexual encounters, providing the basis for sexual pain and anxiety which later on leads to a sexual disorder. Solstad K, Hertoft P.

Southindian women sex

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  1. The role of aging and chronic disease in sexual dysfunction. In our study, among those who were diagnosed to have female sexual disorder,

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