Stories virgin sex

And sweet sexy Sophie on the other side. I asked her if she wanted to try giving me a blowjob and her smile gave her away. Clare is 5ft 8 and a size 8. I could tell this myself but didn't want Clare to know I knew. What I did know was that this young girl was getting curious and she was also wearing skimpier clothes. She was moving the same as Clare but this time I was doing my best to hold on and the agony was killing me.

Stories virgin sex

She pulled Sophie close and licked and kissed her face clean sharing the taste of my her own pussy. She was new to the game but wanted to try it all. The squeezing did the job and as I shot my load into my first virgin pussy Sophie cried out and squeezed harder than ever. Yes, she was still a virgin. She slid down the bed and stared at my penis for a minute before getting the courage to take it in her mouth. You coming over as usual? I was going to Marcus' house. We were always happy to see her so we watched the movie then went to our beds. Then I slowly began thrusting forward. I can still smell it in the coffee. He was gruntiny as he thrusted inside me and i was moaning and panting for breathe. Soon I was getting hard again watching two sexy chicks kissing and touching each other. I let out a soft moan which made his hand move up faster. Oddly enough she kept showing up to class, even though her scholastic efforts dropped to zero. Our lips met and hers were the softest I had ever kissed. But I've decided to make it a whole story. My hands worked their way down towards her little pussy and I gently massaged her over her panties. My punishment wasn't over tho! My last instruction was to swallow my load and Sophie immediately did as she was told. I slowly fucked this virgin pussy savouring the feeling. All this viewing had been amazing but my fantasy was happening without me and Clare took pity on me. The night was going fine until Clare asked Sophie if she wanted to cuddle up on the sofa with us. I was all ready to join in but Clare made me stay where I was as punishment. Sorry for not updating in so long. I smiled back and she hugged me tighter. I laid holding her thinking of the mornings activities.

Stories virgin sex

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  1. Sophie looked a little worried but got back to sucking and soon after I was blowing my load into her mouth. We didn't see her again for a week but then our little friend was round again asking to stay.

  2. It was her first time but she was doing a good job. I was still horny as hell when Clare got home and we were fucking as soon as she got thru the door.

  3. Suddenly the door swung open and Marcus stood there, in nothing but sweats that sat just below his v-line which was very rigid and firm. I moved slightly forward allowing more to enter her.

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