Using sex toys with your partner

Some novel research into the prevalence and demographics of sex toy use sheds light on this question — and the results indicate that pleasure in bed and pleasure in a relationship may differ slightly for partners depending on their gender. Tweet Many women and men would like to introduce a sex toy into their sex play but are unsure how their partner will react. So if you discover that you enjoy them, maybe buy of them to have on hand, but use them as more of a special occasion toy as opposed to an every-time toy. Start out by imagining a scene together. Pocket vibrator A vibrator?

Using sex toys with your partner

But how does using sex toys impact the satisfaction that both partners derive from their overall relationship? And spit is not lube, it evaporates too quickly. So if you discover that you enjoy them, maybe buy of them to have on hand, but use them as more of a special occasion toy as opposed to an every-time toy. Or you can also check out my video review below. They may think that your sex life is lacking in some way if you want to use a sex toy. Sex toys are fun Sex toys are fun and are meant to bring greater sexual pleasure to you and your partner. Start small A common mistake both men and women make when buying a sex toy is related to size. I wrote a deep dive article all about the wonders of the Magic Wand. Avoid choosing something that is too big, comes in a box with a scantily clad woman on the cover or is made from rubber, jelly or latex as these are difficult to clean and contain materials which may be harmful to health. Does your partner have an anus hint: Maintain communication with your partner while using the toy Like anything sex-related, communication is key. If your partner has a penis, roll the pocket vibrator up and down the underside of his shaft while you perform oral sex. I know… the name is kind of weird. Check out my product review on the Tenga Flip Hole here. It worked so well that, by the time I started to climax, my feet and hands were starting to tingle. Here are some of the most important steps in exploring sex toys with your partner. Encourage him to take control and show him how you like it to be massaged over your clitoris. From vibrators, to masturbators, to light bondage gear, I believe that this list has something for everyone. A small clitoral vibrator is unthreatening, offers great sexual stimulation and many do not even look like a sex toy. So try it out! Amazon has some high quality options. Bondage offers another aspect to sexual pleasure and arousal which you may prefer and see as less threatening than a sex toy. Worn on the penis during sex, the vibrating nub of the ring sits snugly against the clitoris and makes the erection bigger and firmer, providing intense sexual stimulation for both of you. But there are proper ways to use each of these. Choosing a Sex Toy for a Female Partner Some men buy their partner a sex toy with good intentions in mind, thinking it will spice up their sex life, but find it completely rejected and told to take it back for a refund!

Using sex toys with your partner

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Sex Toys For Stamina Problems

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  1. Consider buying a good lubricant to use with the toy as it will make using the product feel more pleasurable.

  2. I repeat… I test drove aka masturbated with the five most well known brands of male masturbators and this one lapped the competition in terms of overall sexual pleasure and sensation.

  3. Water based lubricant is great for: Verbalize what you want and encourage your partner to verbalize what they want.

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