Want sex but not with my husband

If you want to hear that, start by telling him how good he looks when he goes to work -- men do like to hear it! All about the type of problem you are experiencing. Try to make it a no-pressure kind of conversation -- not so much "why don't you want me any more??? You're dismissing the power of monogamous, loving sex like you are some sort of robot. I tried explaining this to him once but it didn't go down well; he is the jealous type and abhors cheating. Follow her on Twitter mariellaf1 Topics. But at the end of the day, the fact that anyone is having a change in their sex drive is a sign that something's up that needs talking about. I realized the flip side of this is that I need to feel loved to want sex. They offered group sessions.

Want sex but not with my husband

Your situation of a low-sex-drive male and high-sex-drive female is not uncommon, and you simply need to sit him down and explain that sex is really really important to you. But yeah, I think the 'explaining sex as a tool by which you 'feel' loved' would be a better tactic. Yes, we all age, but are you doing what you can to look attractive as well? Perhaps there are problems between the two of you that aren't being dealt with, perhaps there's something physically or emotionally wrong with him, but whatever the reason, find out why and figure out how to address that. Can there be a happy outcome to a situation like this? Thank you in advance. But we're married, and that's cheating. Hmm, I don't know if I would have said this to my husband. I truly believe that it is every married couple's responsibility to uphold their appearances so the physical attraction remains intact. Pull a Dan Savage on him. If you don't want to stay with your husband, you should get a divorce before you start having sex with other people. He tied me up. Who wants to be intimate when you're pissed off? You have some hard work ahead of you. As women, we do a wonderful job blaming ourselves for the lack of romance in our marriage. We both felt neglected. Suggest a lifestyle change for both of you. It made me hate him, too. No, something is wrong. Not all married people are monogamous. I began giving more blowjobs so I could get out of kissing him. The blood tests were in, and I was convinced something was wrong with me. It just made it worse. Even without marijuana now, we have good sex again. It would appear that years of dutiful compliance have worn you down, and at least half of that responsibility has to go to you. I decide where we live, how to manage our finances and where to go on holiday.

Want sex but not with my husband

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Why Don't I Want Sex As Much As My Husband, Dr. Brotto?

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  1. Then, unexpectedly, we had a breakthrough. Had I blamed myself less, and taken more time to examine my marital problems, perhaps my marriage could have been saved.

  2. I realized one day that he'd also stopped touching me unless it was for sex. I discovered my "low sex drive" had nothing to do with me, but rather, deep rooted issues I had with my husband.

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