Wether sheep sex

Tup - British term for an uncastrated adult male sheep. Anti-toxin - an antibody that can neutralize a specific toxin. Generally spelt "draft", but in the British Isles either as "draft" or "draught". Stockpiled forage - forage that is allowed to accumulate for later grazing. Pizzle - the penis of an animal. CFA or cast for age — sheep culled because of their age.

Wether sheep sex

Sheepdog or shepherd dog — a dog used to move and control sheep, often very highly trained. Combing - the straightening or parallelizing of fibers using combs. Wool pool - a collection point for many producers to sell their wool. Zoonoses - a disease that is transmissible between humans and animals. Drench an veterinary medicine administered orally usually by a drenching gun. Only veterinarians can use or prescribe extra label drugs. Animal unit AU - a unit represented by one mature cow or horse, or by as many animals as consume an equivalent amount of feed, such as 7 sheep. Also a verb "that ewe's been raddled". Combing produces more parallel fibers than carding. Parturition - the act of giving birth. Stun - make senseless. Shepherding — the act of shepherding sheep, or sheep husbandry more generally. Estrus - the period when the female is fertile and receptive to the male. Animal unit month AUM - The quantity of forage required by one mature cow and her calf or the equivalent, in sheep or horses, for instance for one month. Kemp — a short, white, hollow, hairy fibre usually found about the head and legs of sheep. Hence "rattle your dags! Hormone -a substance that is made by one part of the body but affects another part of the body. Scurs - little horns that have broken the skin, but not grown. G Genotype - the genetic constitution of an individual. Mob — a group or cohort of sheep of the same breed that have run together under similar environmental conditions since the previous shearing in Australian Wool Classing. A sheep may be said to have been either sheared or shorn, depending on dialect. Lambing — the process of giving birth in sheep. In sheep, days on average. Other types of dog may be used just to guard sheep see livestock guarding dog , and these are sometimes also called sheepdogs. Antibodies - proteins produced by the immune system to fight specific bacteria, viruses, or other antigens. Fat from lambs on the high energy corn diet had less lutein than fat from lambs on the low energy alfalfa diet because of the higher lutein content of the alfalfa. Orthodox - referring to the Eastern Church.

Wether sheep sex

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Complete Bloodless Castration of Goat

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  1. C CAFO - cconfined animal feeding operation having at least 1, animal units. Also hogget, shearling, teg.

  2. B Banding - the process of applying rubber bands to the tail or scrotum for docking and castrating. Edible parts of plants.

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