Wild and crazy sex ideas

Work on yourself Excite yourself before the romp with candles, music and wine as you have a better chance of peaking repeatedly, if you are already aroused. Purchase the largest dildo you can find and see how much of it she can take. Take as much time as possible. Get a sensual tattoo on one of your most delicate body parts. Guide the glow to areas of your body that you want him to lick or rub.

Wild and crazy sex ideas

Call a phone sex hotline and get your sexy on. Do it on a hotel balcony. Whisper in his ear a play-by-play of exactly what it is you plan to do to him tonight. Once you begin to appreciate foreplay as an integral part of sexual satisfaction and the stronger marriage that comes with it, will always be just one short step away. Prop shop Anything can set the mood, so why not go right ahead and try one of these out - board games, delicious food in the bedroom and toys for the tub! Convince your partner to wear your lingerie. Let your best friend watch you have sex your partner. Clothespins provide pressure on delicate body parts — try it! Tie your partner up and get freaky on them with a vibrator. Fuck each other in a mirrored room. Get a vibrator with a remote and go out on the town together. Change out of your cotton panties into a lacy thong. Wear leather outfits while you go at it. Mobile phones, friends and relatives not invited. Give your partner head while they are driving. Make a point of fucking for as long as you can — the point is to be sore as hell in the morning! Old school of thought: Slide your penis between her breasts and have sex with her that way. Get it on in the backyard pool in the middle of the day. Get your tongue pierced to give your lover a more sensual thrill. Watch two men go at it — or two women, whatever floats your boat. Pick up a stranger and make out with them. Plan a sex Saturday: Place the tip of your tongue on the webbed area at the base of his fingers, then slowly slide your way up the side. Wear high heels to bed.

Wild and crazy sex ideas

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4 Sexual Tricks That Drive Men Crazy

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  1. Also please note, there are laws against indecent exposure in public places, so if you care caught, have an explanation ready! Novel love Be intense, be dramatic, be what you read in romance novels.

  2. Be loving about it with a hint of nostalgia and emotion. Call a phone sex hotline and get your sexy on.

  3. Watch kinky porn and imitate the actors. Play games What if your wife asked you if she could rub her face against your bare chest, if she could kiss your nipples and if she could undo your pants?

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