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The millions of abortions over the last decade and the phenomenal spread of AIDS alone indicate that our society has serious problems with sexuality. Humans flourish when they bask in the love of others. Christians, of course, have long recognized the practical value of chastity and fidelity but have also recognized them as practices in accord with God's will for mankind. A few generations ago, it was not uncommon for young people to speak of "saving themselves" for marriage. Another reason given for the enthusiasm among couples for NFP is their view that couples who use NFP experience a greater bonding than those who use contraception.

Www famili sex com

Christian teaching about sexuality also provides guidelines for those with homosexual leanings, and for discerning the morality of a whole host of sexual practices. Certainly, no responsible person engages in non- contracepted sexual intercourse with one whom one does not want to have a significant bond--for non-contracepted intercourse brings with it the potential sometimes symbolic of a having a child together--and children represent a lifetime bond. And even those who use contraceptives are not really safe, since contraceptives do not always work. Thus, if spouses determine that they could not responsibly have another child at a given time, they have the self-mastery to control their sexuality so that it does not conflict with what they have determined to be good for the family. Faithfulness is essential to create the relationship of trust which is the bedrock of all the other goods that flow from marriage. Sexual intimacy plays a major role in the revealing of one person to another. The question is a good one and I think I know the answer: Rather, NFP is a highly scientific way of determining when a woman is fertile based on observing various bodily signs. Many Christians feel terrible guilt at violating what are their own deeply held moral principles; some after they are married tend to have guilty feelings about sex. Love also serves to heal past wounds. So they come to trust God and live without a lot of obvious security. And parents must convey to their children that they are not a burden to them, that they consider their children to be great gifts from God. Few of those having sexual relations before marriage, especially Christians, can be fully open about their actions. They are finding as a pleasant effect of their decision that the use of NFP has positive results for their marital relationships, for their relationship with their children and their relationship with God. One should prepare one's self for marriage and one should save one's self for marriage. Years ago the chief reason for refraining from sexual activity before marriage was fear of pregnancy. Certainly many of us because of our own foolishness, weakness or wickedness, or because of the foolishness, weakness or wickedness of others may not be able to form the marriage and families which we want and need. Some in high public places are now beginning to counsel abstinence before marriage and to extol faithful monogamous marriages. Here I shall focus primarily upon the Christian understanding of marriage, for if we grasp the basics of this understanding, the implications for most other kinds of sexual activity are fairly clear. Such faithfulness and chastity before marriage ensure greater faithfulness and chastity during marriage. Christ's teaching that lust in one's heart is wrong, tells us that we must guard our inner purity as well as govern our actions. Again, whenever we gain self-control, whether through curtailing our eating, or drinking, or spending or in our sexual gratification--all activities good in themselves but in need of control--this self-control becomes somewhat easier in other realms of our lives. Christians differ from unbelievers not so much in the understanding of what is moral and immoral as in their commitment to trying to do what is moral. He believed that parents who practice NFP could much more persuasively urge their children to be chaste before marriage. Many pointed to Christianity as the source of sexual repression. Pregnancy was feared both because young people were not prepared to take care of their children and also because there was considerable societal disapproval of sexual intercourse before marriage.

Www famili sex com

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