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We have written to all school principals warning them about these programmes. The research is long on bias and short on hard data, including the following pitfalls: Also remember that the Board of Trustees is a group of parents who are likely to share your concerns. And of course the major prevalence of cyber-bullying. How long before this happens in NZ?

Www family sex com

But most children that age — and older — simply want to play, eat and have fun. Most schools will rightly reject the extremist elements of this sexuality and gender material, but why not just make sure! Parents will also object to these programmes targeted at children as young as five which undermine the role and values of parents, and resources which fail to take into account the emotional and physical development of each child and the values of that particular family. And of course the major prevalence of cyber-bullying. But depression and suicide are also associated with these types of bullying. Yes — we would recommend the Attitude programme for schools. Check whether your school Principal has read our sex education report and our gender report. Parental involvement is key, but parents are being excluded from the decision making process and development of most of the programmes we are warning you about, and that are being pushed in schools. No study of the long term effects conflict of interest — researchers contracted by and advisers to Rainbow Youth no peer review Non-representative sample. We must take a sober understanding and appreciation of what the leading scholars and clinicians have to tell us on these issues. Programmes like Inside Out are not inclusive, they are exclusive. They also offer parent and child presentations. And they know they are participating in a major pro-diversity study, immediately after a session of indoctrination! The principal is required to ensure that the student is excluded from the relevant tuition and that the student is supervised during that time. They have also received copies of our reports mentioned below. Students could pick the toilet or changing room or sports team or uniform of the gender with which they identify at that time. We continue to warn ALL parents about: Please pass on this important information to other families. Our understanding is that this is already a challenge for a number of schools and camps. One school who refused to be involved rightly said that parents would be concerned about the content. The research is long on bias and short on hard data, including the following pitfalls: Attitude — the youth education division of The Parenting Place founded by Ian and Mary Grant — has the objectives of encouraging mental and emotional resilience and helping prevent youth suicide, teen pregnancy, bullying, drug and alcohol abuse and low self-esteem. At the bottom of this special newsletter, we show you what you can do as a parent to protect your children. But the expectation of parents and the children themselves is to see students of the same sex in places like changing rooms and showers. Their cause is not politically sexy enough. We should let children be children.

Www family sex com

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  1. Many schools will not work with Rainbow Youth because of their reputation — and rightly so.

  2. Check whether your school Principal has read our sex education report and our gender report.

  3. What children really need is affirmation of their unique personality and appropriate treatment for their unhappiness and other presenting emotional issues.

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