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Not that I mind, really. Of the hundreds and hundreds of songs Hammill penned, three, maybe four, sound punkish if you listen hard enough. For any band to have that many great songs on their very first album is damn impressive, to say the least. If they couldn't play their instruments and had no knack for writing songs, people wouldn't buy the album. I have to make an exception in this case as I feel the need to offer my opinion and maybe some clarification on the whole punk thing. Johnny Rotten sure can't sing, true--but that's not the point.

Www sex pistols ru

The Pistols are an embarrasing paradox: They have tunes - again, not pretty melodies but we are talking punk rock here. That, and huge bloated fatuous monstrosities like Yes and Genesis. The Pistols and Clash just added a little more urgency to the message. To a considerable extent the British public has caught up with them in the ensuing 26 years - the monarchy is far less popular than it was in , and a small part of that welcome development is probably down to the Pistols having the guts to put out 'God Save The Queen' when they did. Sure, his pitching ain't great though this isn't particularly obvious on their official records and more than that, he's one of those unusual singers who sings sharp instead of flat, but for a non-singer he had bags of presence and attitude and often good rhythmic sense, and for me that makes him way better than great swathes of people who can sing but have no obvious personality. I saw the sales. In a certain way, the Sex Pistols were to all post music the equivalents of Fifties' rockers to classic Sixties' rock: It sure has its moments. What has been the point in reviewing this band and album? That wasn't all hype, it would never have happened if they were the talentless incompetents that the "Urrgggh! There was one innovative tune on the album, "Bodies" -- the first rock song ever to portray abortion as something hateful and in that case Lydon's anger is a good match for the subject matter of the tune. If you are not, please consult the guidelines for sending your comments before doing so. Rondel offers a different opinion and takes exception to my comments. I actually can't stand to hear all twelve songs in a row, in their standard order--it blows. I have to make an exception in this case as I feel the need to offer my opinion and maybe some clarification on the whole punk thing. Who knows what could have happend if Glen had stayed in the band and Rotten hadn't left. For sure, none of that would have been enough if they couldn't play well, but you can bet your life the Sex Pistols wouldn't have had 3 UK top 10 singles if they were incompetent, tuneless fumblers either. Any half-brained producer knows that you don't put two filler songs at the end back to back, as What's-his-name-that-produced-this-album did with "New York" and "EMI". I'm not sure if Sid and Johnny were the right messengers, but it was a message that had to be delivered to the masses! Sid Vicious could hardly play but most songs were played by Glen Matlock and that's why he was turned down in the mix. People didn't buy it back then. If you didn't like my comments, surely you didn't like good Mr. In fact it's fair to say that all the punk bands that actually sold sizeable amounts of records were at least competent musicians, despite the fact that being able to play well was so denigrated as selling out by the hardcore punks. Go out and find their albums and listen to them, because that was what we had to listen to before the Pistols. Not very nice, for sure, but they've mostly got something to say and say it pretty succinctly, even if the sentiments expressed are pretty vitriolic. The lyrics were written in by Vicious, the track itself was worked out during the end of the sessions for Never Mind The Bollocks.

Www sex pistols ru

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  1. That's the main reason why people hold the Pistols in higher esteem than the Ramones--they're just so much more dynamic and exciting to listen to.

  2. Gimme more marketed bands like these, please'. What about the 'I hate Pink Floyd'-shirts?

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